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The Stormwind Air Corps is a newly formed formation of the Stormwind armed forces. Founded originally by the Stormwind Navy, it now exists as a multi-branch service, poised to receive its own status as an independent branch of its own. This page is a WIP.

Formation and Structure

Ranking Structure

The Stormwind Air Corps uses a unique rank structure, derived from but highly divergent from that of the Stormwind Navy.

  • Sky Admiral.
  • High Captain. Usually used only for individuals in command of an airship or installation.
  • Sky Captain, usually used only for individuals in command of an airship, installation, or group of light aircraft.
  • Commander.
  • Pilot.
  • Chief Officer.
  • Chief Engineer.
  • Chief.
  • Airman.

Aircraft in Use


True to its naval origins, SAC doctrine is focused around the use of large battleships. Heavier-than-air, these battleships - or gunships - form the centrepiece of aerial operations. The recent development of aircraft-carrier models has only heightened their doctrinal importance.

  • The Skybreaker. The first SAC Gunship, the Skybreaker remains in operations today.
  • The Skyfire. Core of the Alliance operations in Pandaria and during key parts of the Second Interbellum, the Skyfire has undergone radical refitting and operates now as an aircraft carrier and paratrooper transport. With the value of this design proven, the Skyfire has affected significant change. Hosting dozens of both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, and armed heavy-duty 18-inch bombardment guns firing 3,000 pound explosive shells, the Skyfire is capable of both carrier duties and stand-up combat.
  • Lothar's Blade.


  • Skyfire light attack helicopters. Machine gun armed, with dumbfire rockets and sophisticated communications equipment, these helicopters are one of the most advanced aerial designs in service.
  • Rickers A-3 Thundercat attack Gyrocopters. Initially used as a reconnaissance platform during the War against the Lich King, the Thundercat has been adapted for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat missions.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft

  • Gnomish bomber designs.
  • Dwarven VTOL designs.
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