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Stormwind Awards and Honours Committee


6 July, 628 K.C.


Kingdom of Stormwind

Component of

Ministry of War


Master Sergeant Jean Luxford



To oversee the creation, processing, and issuing of all military and civilian awards and honours within the Kingdom of Stormwind.


Stormwind General Headquarters, Stormwind City


6 July, 628 K.C. - Present



The Stormwind Awards and Honours Committee is the principal body responsible for the Awards and Decorations of the Grand Alliance within the Kingdom of Stormwind.

It is a component of the Stormwind House of Nobles Ministry of War of which is responsible for its membership. As such, the Lord High Marshal is typically responsible for the Committee in an overarching fashion. Currently, the founder of the Committee, Jean Luxford, is the presiding chairman.

The committee is primarily charged with issuing the awards at quarterly awards ceremonies in which individuals and units of the Stormwind Military are recognised.

It was formed in 628 K.C. following the ratification of the Stormwind Awards and Honours Act. It is currently receiving nominations for membership to be voted on.


Prospective members of the Committee are voted in via a general vote within the House of Nobles, in which a list compiled from the letters of nomination are presented. If the letters of nomination exceed the maximum seven-member limit, the list may be shortlisted based on qualification or voted upon within the House. When approved, the members of the shortlist are appointed to the semi-permanent position.