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The Stormwind Constabulary is the law enforcing body of Stormwind City and the greater Kingdom of Stormwind. While the Stormwind Guard also takes on military duties when guarding the realm from enemies of the kingdom, the constabulary focuses solely on the enforcement of the Laws of Stormwind upon the kingdom's Citizens. Members of the constabulary are known as constables.

Stormwind Law Project

In the Stormwind Law Project, the Stormwind Constabulary consists of the broad body of players who enforce the Laws of Stormwind and Acts of the Stormwind House of Nobles, apprehending and capturing criminal role-players and charging them with the crimes that they have committed. Constables of this organization are expected to follow the Guard Roleplaying Guide.

As the Stormwind Constabulary represent the king and Kingdom of Stormwind, they should generally wear the Stormwind Tabard or similar colors when apprehending criminals. The Stormwind House of Nobles may make exceptions to this rule and appoint other organizations to assist in law enforcement so long as they bear colors of organizations directly involved with the kingdom, including the Order of the Silver Hand and the Church of the Holy Light. Organizations that officially represent foreign nations may not enforce the law in Stormwind.

When securing warrants to make arrests for crimes that were not witnessed by guards directly or occurred a significant time in the past, constables must secure them from Magistrates not within their own guild. This is to promote inter-guild role-play!

Officers of the Stormwind Constabulary may petition the Stormwind House of Nobles to amend the Laws of Stormwind through Acts of the Stormwind House of Nobles.

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