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Stormwind Defence Service Cross
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The medal
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Awarded by the Stormwind Guard


Service Cross


All Stormwind Guard personnel

Awarded For

Acts of bravery in the face of danger and strong commitment to duty.




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Meritorious Conduct Medal

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Stormwind Defense Medal

The Stormwind Defence Service Cross (simplified as Stormwind Service Cross) is a military cross awarded to a Stormwind Guard who have served their unit or regiment proficiently for a long period of time and has proven themselves in difficult situations with courage and tenacity and has also demonstrated to uphold core values of the Stormwind Guard.

This medal may be awarded to the recipient by any high ranking official within the Stormwind Guard or Stormwind Nobility, but this honour is usually given to the regiment Commanding Officer.

The Defence Cross is similar to the Stormwind Defense Medal, whereas it is awarded for a broader range acts of service. The Defense Medal is often awarded for service in military campaigns or in saving the lives of civilians.

The Cross may be awarded for any act of bravery in any situation, provided it occurred while the recipient was on duty.