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A guardsman outside Stormwind City.

While the Stormwind Army is considered to be the primary military force of the Kingdom of Stormwind, the Stormwind Guard is the organization which handles most law-enforcement and civil issues within the kingdom. Bound to the laws and orders set forth by both the House of Wrynn and the Stormwind House of Magistrates, the guard patrols the provinces of the realm and ensures that the king's subjects are both safe and secure from internal threats. The guard often works alongside soldiers of the Stormwind Army in that regard, supplementing their efforts during times of invasion from abroad. Guards assigned to the defense of Stormwind City and Stormwind Harbor are also subject to the Stormwind Defense Board.

Units of the Guard

The guard consists of many divisions and regiments, each tasked with defending a province or location in the kingdom.

  • The First Regiment of the Guard, often known as simply "The Stormwind Guard", is tasked with defending Stormwind City and the surrounding provinces.
  • The Stormwind City Watch is a civilian-run organization who were approved by the Stormwind House of Magistrates to act as a law-enforcement agency within Stormwind City.
  • The Stormwind City Guard is another prominent guard unit charged with maintain law enforcement in both city and regional affairs.
  • The Stormwind Royal Guard, while serving first and foremost as the personal and household guard of the Monarch, operates by royal edict as a protected independent authority within and without the city in pursuit of the King's Justice. They deal mostly with matters of treason, as well as criminal infractions committed on the grounds of Stormwind Keep.
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