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The courtyard of Stormind Keep.

The mighty Stormwind Keep (also called Stonewind Keep, Castle Stormwind, and after its reconstruction, Castle of New Stormwind) is the seat of power of the House of Wrynn. It is here that King Anduin Wrynn resides. The keep is also the location of an extensive Royal Library where nobles and scholars from across the known world research various topics. Whispers of corruption and infiltration among the higher echelons of Stormwind power have recently arisen, although none dare speak too loudly of these accusations for fear of imprisonment.

This mighty keep sits watch over Stormwind atop the cliffs north of the city. It houses the king himself and many of the city’s nobles. The Stormwind House of Nobles and Stormwind House of Magistrates often meet in the Petitioner's Chamber to discuss and shape the future of the kingdom. The Alliance High Command, Admiralty and council is stationed in the strategy room overlooking a large tactical map. It was designed with the thought of another invasion in mind: if the city fell to an army vaster than it could handle, the keep itself becomes a means of escape, with several secret tunnels entombed deep within the rock.

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