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Stormwind Long Service Medal
Stormwind Long Service Medal.png
The five-year medal
SLSM 5.png
The five-year ribbon
Awarded by the Kingdom of Stormwind


Service Medal


All Stormwind Military personnel

Awarded For

Dutiful service to the Stormwind Army, Navy or City Guard for a specified amount of time




Currently Awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

Stormwind Commendation for Valor

Next (lower)

Prisoner of War Medal

The Stormwind Long Service Medal is a service award given to soldiers within the Stormwind Military and its branches who have shown outstanding service between 5-65 years.

It is often awarded to the veteran by their commanding officer, though the level of command will often vary based on the denomination of service the medal is being awarded for.

The medal is distinguished into ten sections, each honouring five years which adds up to a total of 65 years. Following the standard system of signifying multiple awards, the first award (for 5 years) is the standard ribbon, while the next three are signified by a bronze star device, the three after that a silver star, and the four after that a gold star.


Both forms of the medal (being the medal itself and the accompanying ribbons) mimick the same system of 1-4 accoutrements collectively increasing from bronze, to silver, and finally to gold.

Every star or bar represents an additional 5 years, with the highest decoration at 65 years, with four gold bars and four gold stars.

Service 10 Years 15 Years 20 Years 25 Years 30 Years 35 Years
Medal SLSM10.png SLSM15.png SLSM20.png SLSM25.png SLSM30.png SLSM35.png
Ribbon SLSM 10.png SLSM 15.png SLSM 20.png SLSM 25.png SLSM 30.png SLSM 35.png
Service 40 Years 45 Years 50 Years 55 Years 60 Years 65+ Years
Medal SLSM40.png SLSM45.png SLSM50.png SLSM55.png SLSM60.png SLSM65.png
Ribbon SLSM 40.png SLSM 45.png SLSM 50.png SLSM 55.png SLSM 60.png SLSM 65.png