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The Stormwind Marine Corps
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A marine of the Stormwind Marine Corps

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Naval Marines


Grand Alliance Navy


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13,000+ Marines


Active, healthy

The Stormwind Marine Corps (SWMC) are a branch falling under the Stormwind Navy, and the Grand Alliance Navy Marine Corps. They are commanding by the Commandant of the Stormwind Marine Corps, and ultimately the Commandant of the GAN Marine Corps.


The SWMC is composed of nine Battalions to correspond with the nine fleets of the Stormwind Navy. The following is a list of Battalions within the Stormwind Marine Corps:

  • King's Royal Battalion (First Battalion)
  • Auxiliary Expedition Battalion (Second Battalion)
  • Stormwind Battalion (Third Battalion)
  • Elwynn Battalion (Fourth Battalion)
  • Duskwood Battalion (Fifth Battalion)
  • Redridge Battalion (Sixth Battalion)
  • Westfall Battalion (Seventh Battalion)
  • Greyhallow Battalion (Eighth Battalion)
  • Redrock Battalion (Ninth Battalion)


The Stormwind Marine Corps is noted for it's relatively unique uniform, which draws heavily from Tirasian fashions. This uniform consists of a leather jacket, gloves and boots, worn underneath a breastplate and a distinctive ship's prow helmet of imported Storm Silver. This uniform has a tendency to be in rare supply, resulting in many marine units wearing standard footman equipment and, additionally, many units will also exchange their standard helmet for the morion that has become fashionable in Kul Tiras.

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