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The Stormwind Military


King Anduin Wrynn
Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth
Grand Marshal Julianne Tremblade


Stormwind Army
Stormwind Navy

Base(s) of Operation

Stormwind Keep (High Command)
Command Center (Army)
Stormwind Harbor (Navy)





The Stormwind Military is the primary defensive force of the Kingdom of Stormwind. Comprised of the Stormwind Royal Army and Navy respectively, it protects the borders of the kingdom at land and sea.


Stormwind Army

The Stormwind Army is the Kingdom of Stormwind's primary land-fighting force, lead by various Marshals and the Alliance High Command. A list of the army's units on the brigade and regimental level may be seen below.

  • Royal Brigade
    • King Llane's Cavalry, 2nd Regiment
    • Royal Army Engineers, 8th Regiment
    • King's Own Rifles, 17th Regiment
    • Royal Stormwind Archers, 13th Regiment

Stormwind Navy

Note: This information is part of the centralised Grand Alliance Navy fanon, and are thus not required to be acknowledged by anyone. For alternate interpretations, see here.

The Stormwind Navy is the Kingdom of Stormwind's primary sea-fighting force, lead by the Admiralty and Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth. A list of its fleets can be seen below:

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