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The Stockades is a large jail located near the center of Stormwind City. Here, all major and minor criminals are housed. The Stockades was well known for housing a number of famous criminals including the renowned Hogger, who was killed in the containment of the riots. Following a mass riot inside the Stockades however, many the its residents were killed during the city's containing of the chaos where a group of adventurers set in to clear the jail of rioting convicts. Its sister prison, the Stormwind Vault, houses those who have no right to live but the Alliance does not have the means to kill easily — demons, rogue mages, and other nightmares.

Battle for Azeroth

During the Battle for Lordaeron, Anduin Wrynn captured Horde general Varok Saurfang and ordered him imprisoned within the Stockades. Horde forces sent by Sylvanas Windrunner later infiltrated the Stockades to free Princess Talanji and Zul of the Zandalari. They also tried to release Saurfang, but he refused to go with them.

Notable Inmates

  • Kam Deepfury - Conspiracy.
  • Bruegal Ironknuckle
  • Hamhock
  • Targorr the Dread
  • Dextren Ward - Grave robbing and corpse theft with the intent to sell.
  • Bazil Thredd - High treason and conspiracy.
  • Randolph Moloch - Embezzlement, fraud, theft, and homicide.
  • Hogger - Homicide, assault and conspiracy.
  • Varok Saurfang - Prisoner of war.
  • Princess Talanji - Prisoner of war.
  • The Prophet Zul - Prisoner of war.