Stromgarde House of Nobles


Stromgarde's House of Nobles is comprised of men and women who currently hold a title in the Stromgarde Peerage. The organization is frequently referred to simply as the House of Lords. The House meets frequently to discuss important matters of state, particularly the defense of the recently battered Kingdom. Each member of the house is able to cast his/her vote on matters ranging from the introduction of laws to the levying of new taxes required to raise money for the realm's defense.

Notable Members

Current Structure

Who is entitled to a seat in the house of Nobles?

Only those born in the Kingdom of Stromgarde who currently hold a title in the Stromgarde Peerage may occupy a seat.

Meeting Times

In character meetings of the House of Nobles will occur on the first and third Saturday of each month at 8pm (server time) Additional meetings may be called where necessary to address important matters of state.

Meeting Location

Meetings will be held in the newly refurbished Court House within the section of the city of Stromgarde not occupied by the syndicate. (In-game location may vary)


The following positions of office are to be filled by those appointed by the Lady Regent and/or elected by the House of Nobles.

Speaker of The House - Lord/Lady Speaker

The duties of the Lord/Lady Speaker include:

  • The organization of House meetings.
  • The management of the House docket of affairs.
  • The maintenance of order within the House.

Secretary of the House - Lord/Lady Secretary

Duties of the Lord/Lady Secretary include:

  • Recording the minutes of each meeting.
  • Furnishing a copy of the minutes when called upon to do so.

Regent's Representative - Lord/Lady Chancellor

The Lord Chancellor serves as Regent Brisby's personal representative in the house, introducing materials and information on her behalf. The Lord/Lady Chancellor has no more privilege than any other member of the council.

Rules/Code of Conduct

1. No weapons shall be allowed inside the meeting.

2. Nobles participating in the meeting may bring one assistant.

3. All guardsmen, Knights and other soldiery must remain outside the council chambers.

4. Guards will be posted outside the door to ensure the safety of those Nobles participating.

5. Votes will be cast immediately by a show of hands when called for. There will be no silent vote, nor secret ballots.

6. If unable to attend, members of the House must notify the Lord/Lady Speaker in writing, no later than 48 hours before the date of the next meeting to designate a representative to vote in their stead.

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