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The Sun Scepter of Vandellor (artwork needed) was retrieved by the an excavation team led by Lord Entilzha Firesong and the Curators of Thalassian Culture. from a partially submerged vault of the east coast of the Isle of Quel'Danas, amidst sinking structures over which the naga had built a shrine. Digging carefully around the naga statue so as not to incite an attack on the island, reaching the chambers below took time, though a chamber was reached containing ceremonial vestments, a rich tome of prayers in the Recovered Thalassian Prayerbook, but most notable was a scepter, gilded and adorned with gems, the image at the top was of the sun and its many rays.

Lord Entilzha Firesong took the relic to Bishop of Quel'Danas, Aurorallina Ivenhart, whom spoke of the vast light energy within the object, and of a style often used by Vandellor, likely too finely crafted for another. Older maps of the island also hinted at a small chapel-like structure in the East, possibly a place from which Belore's first rays, perhaps a site of elite gatherings. Therefore the Scepter was concluded as having been used by the late High Priest Vandellor with a fair degree of certainty, and if the frequency of its use lies in doubt, the highly detailed enamel speak of a piece in which went much time and effort by skilled metalworkers, jewelcrafters and other artisans, and infused strongly by multiple priests with the Light's energy, from which either significance is suggested.

As the Scepter is at times used at notable religious events, its hoped that more whom recognize it, either from the clergy or simply those whom attended services often during Vandellor's era, will be able to provide history on the scepter's likely rich history of inspiring Quel'dorei with the light of Belore, as it does once more.


  • Unlike most Firesong archaelogical finds which may only be viewed, or at times lent to craftsman for the purpose of creating usable replicas, given the religious nature of the Sun Scepter, its use in Thalassian prayer services and celebrations may be authorized per the Bishop of Quel'Danas.
  • During the search in the cramped, partially flooded chamber, the box containing the scepter was nearly missed due to a collection of seaweed in the area. Fortunately, the gilded box contained an arcane seal, a light ward, though the Scepter took no damage from the exposure of the box to seawater.