Suncrown Village
Suncrown Village is a ruined Thalassian settlement found in the northeastern reaches of the Ghostlands. Conquered by the Scourge during the Third War, following the fall of Silvermoon the village was occupied by Nerubians under the command of Anok'suten. The Scourge's hold on the village was broken during the early stages of the War in Outland when Sin'dorei forces under the command of Arcanist Vandril attacked the town and cleared it of undead presence.

Every year, the people of Suncrown took part in rituals to control the aspects of nature. The ritual of water was comprised of the summoning and enslavement of the water elemental Aquantion while wearing a medallion shaped like a wave. However, one year's ritual went horribly wrong when Aquantion called upon murlocs to disrupt the elven rites, the perversion of magic resulting in the elemental breaking his bonds and subjugating the people of Suncrown instead. The elves drowned at the bottom of Lake Elrendar and their angered spirits haunting the lake for years until their deaths were avenged at the behest of the spirit of the late Geranis Whitemorn.

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