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Tain-oitch Isles
The Tain-oitch Isles.

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Tydenfray (Formerly)
Sef'gol (Formerly)
Ul'Tok (Formerly)


Lady Dyana Itheca


Kingdom of Kul Tiras
House of Waycrest
House of Itheca
The Thornspeakers
Order of Embers
The Tenochtri
Wayfinder's Guild
Cult of Nadia


House of Waycrest




2,345 - 2,409 Approx


Faith of the Tides, Neptulon Henotheism, Cult of Nadia


Drustvar's Western Coastline


Emerald, Gold, Silver, Sea Salt, Medical Herbs, Spices, Pearl, Oysters, Crab, Kul Tiras Red



The Tain-oitch Isles (Pronounced Tain-oh-itch) are a set of small Kul Tiran loyal islands comprised of Alnerwick, Dalhurst, Draycott, Tillydrone, and Holwynne. The southern Islet of Crabden is also considered a part of the Tain-oitch isles.

The isles are located near the coast of Drustvar, more specifically, off Edgeshore's shoreline and are controlled by the House of Itheca. The isles came under the direction of Lady Dyana Itheca on November 13th, 2023 L.A.C., after Curtis Itheca proved to be an incredibly disliked governor.

In contrast to its neighbor Drustvar, the Tain-oitch Isles are warmer and more flushed with green. Legends and druids of the Cult of Nadia state that within one of the Isles, the Heart of Nadia, an ancient artifact hailing from from Thornspeaker or Tydenborne origin, sleeps peacefully inside of a giant tree.

As a show of good will, the House of Itheca allowed Holwynne to be openly settled upon by the Thornspeakers, who continue to use it today to help endangered animals replenish their numbers. Holwynne is also one of the only places on Azeroth that the secret herb of Collarwort is cultivated under Tenochtri herbalists, alchemists, and harvest maidens.

The eastern isle of Alnerwick holds a giant lighthouse at the base of the town of Alnerstand which acts as the isle's primary seat of power. Both Alnerwick and Alnerstand were named after Alner the Bruce, one of the first Gilnean colonizers whom befriended the Tydenborne upon meeting them in Drustvar during the War against the Drust.

Notable Buildings

Thoramus Arathorum

Dyana Itheca built herself a wine villa named the Thoramus Arathorum upon the highest elevation of the Tain-oitch Isles, the Draycott Summit, where the sun's rays are the strongest. Its name, architecture, and overall theme is reflectant of ancient Arathor and its kings. However, it's not without its Tenochtri influences, mosaics created with precious gems and marble stone decorations are greatly used.


  • The Heart of Nadia is said to eliminate overcast or hindrance between the blue skies and the isles by inhaling, later to exhaling it as warm breezes.
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