Talongrab City was once the major city within the County of Telliway, the ancestral home of the House of Reneigh. When the Kingdom of Alterac fell to ruin, so to did the City, and much of the County. For decades after the fall of the Kingdom, Talongrab City stood as a hive for Syndicate activities, and the group used the ruins of the area as a staging ground for offensives against both the Frostwolf Clan, and Stormpike Clan to sabotage efforts in Alterac Valley.

When the Citrine Eagle rose to prominence, Zaria Blackmoore launched an offensive on the ruined area to root out the Syndicate that loomed in the ruined city. While the Citrine Eagle were successful in securing a sizable portion of the area, and fortified it -- a large portion of the ruins remained unclaimed and in ruined as they were unneeded for the order's staging point. Remaining true to name, Talongrab Keep now stands against the mountain east of Alterac Valley. And while much of the old city still lay in ruin, the area still serves as a considerable point of action for the Citrine Eagle in their endeavors in the Alterac Mountains.

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