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Taluciela Shar'adore
Taluciela in her Battle-Armor


Highborne (Kaldorei)



Place of Birth



Aegis of Wrynn

Grand Alliance Military

Grand Alliance

The Valorborne

Shalewind Assault

The Eastern Offensive


Lt. Commander of the Aegis of Wrynn


Alliance Military Commander

Lt. Commander of the 37th Legion (Current)

Captain of the 125th Regiment (Former)

Lieutenant of the 103rd Legion (Former)


Sorinlar - Father (Deceased) Illanaria - Mother

Serenga - Brother (Unknown) Bel'garion - Brother (Unknown) Hano'reth - Sister (Unknown)


Lawful Neutral

Taluciela Shar'adore, one of the few remaining of the Highborne's Noble family name. Daughter of Illanaria and Sorinlar Shar'adore, Taluciela is assumed to be the only living child of the four their parents conceived.

History of House Shar'adore

House Shar'adore was a Great House of the ancient Highborne Peerage loyal to Queen Azshara until the War of the Ancients, where they joined forces with the Kaldorei Resistance. As part of the Highborne Empire, House Shar'adore was one of the biggest known bloodlines, owning many parts of Southeast Kalimdor outside of Eldre'thalas.

House Shar'adore were primarily known for their arcane proficiency as more than ninety percent of their bloodline have taken sorcery as their profession. Many of them taught and became scholars in the Eldre'thalas Academy of Sorcery.

With the Highborne's recent acceptance back into the Alliance and Kaldorei society, Serpico Shar'adore had started gathering the Shar'adore back into order. Slowly, more and more Shar'adore are appearing in Stormwind and allowing themselves to be found.

It was then that Taluciela joined the Alliance Military under the banner of the 103rd Legion, The Eastern Offensive, led by her Uncle, Serpico.

The Loss of a Shar'adore

During the War against the Legion on the Broken Shore, after the fall of Xavius, and the recent discovery of Suramar, Serpico and Taluciela had discovered that House Shar'adore had somehow survived and remained in Suramar. Though the two soon realized that their ideals were no longer aligned. Serpico and Taluciela had discovered this and planned on taking exterminating the traitor Shar'adores from Suramar and retrieve a family relic.

Almost overnight, Taluciela had discovered that Serpico had gone missing. At the time, he was the Marshal of the 103rd Legion of the Alliance Military, and her one of his acting Commanders. She took it upon herself to go in search for him. The two were gone for almost a year. Taluciela had been tracking him. At the end, she had only found his body on the Broken Shore in pieces.

To this day, only Taluciela knows of the true cause behind his murder.


Taluciela currently resides in Stormwind and is one of the three acting Commanders of the 37th Legion (Aegis of Wrynn). Known for her prowess with a blade and the arcane, Taluciela has no problem cutting through waves of the mindless horde and like enemies of the Alliance.

A younger Taluciela in Eldre'thalas pre-sundering.

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