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This template is a sample infobox, to aid in the creation of new infoboxes.

Recommended usage: copy the template code to a new template page, and edit it there.

Infobox and template background

See Help:Templates, Help:Infobox and Help:Tables for some background on how templates and infoboxes work.

Building blocks

The infobox is made of the following basic building blocks:

  • Overall table class: class="wikia-infobox"
  • Table heading cell class: class="wikia-infobox-header"
  • Use row header marks ("!") for row title cells (and "|" for normal cells)
  • Section separator line: give the header below it a wrapping div with class="wikia-infobox-section-header"
  • Image cell class: class="wikia-infobox-image"
  • Image caption cell class: class="wikia-infobox-caption"

Other notes

  • The "Box title" and row titles will show No Title if their values are not specified.
  • The "image", "caption" and any further rows will not show up if their values are not specified: they are each completely enclosed in an 'if' statement.
No Title

No Title

No information

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|Box title = A pretty flower
|image = Example.jpg
|imagewidth = 150
|caption = Floweris flowerum
|Row 1 title = Color
|Row 1 info = Pink and green
|Row 2 title = Location
|Row 2 info = Outdoors
|Row 3 title = Time of year
|Row 3 info = Annual

Results in...

A pretty flower
Floweris flowerum


Pink and green



Time of year