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The Black Temple
Black Temple.jpg
The Temple as it appears today.


Draenei (formerly)
Orcish Horde (formerly)
Burning Legion (formerly)
Illidari (formerly)
Ashtongue Tribe


Shadowmoon Valley

"I prefer to remember the temple as it used to be. Not the abomination it has become." - Akama

The Temple of Karabor (also known as the Black Temple) was once a sacred place of worship among the Draenei refugees on Draenor; however the Temple came under attack by the Horde and was later claimed by the Annihilan Magtheridon, who was succeeded by Illidan Stormrage.


The Temple of Karabor, as it appeared in the past.

Some time after the Draenei landed on what became known as Draenor, the Temple of Karabor was built within the Shadowmoon Valley. It was a notable temple of worship for the Draenei. Despite this, the Orcs, later controlled by Kil'jaeden, would begin an attack on the Temple, murdering many of its denizens in a mass slaughter. Orc warlocks made their home within the Temple as the Draenei fled to Zangarmarsh, using the Temple as a sanctuary in which they could practice their dark magics. At this point, the Temple of Karabor became known as the Black Temple.

At some point, an Annihilan named Magtheridon took over the Black Temple and corrupted Orcs with his blood, creating his own forces. Illidan Stormrage, who had returned from Azeroth, decided to claim the Black Temple for his own purposes, and Illidan imprisoned Magtheridon, using the Annihilan to create a Horde of Fel Orcs under Illidan's rule. After claiming the Black Temple, Illidan proclaimed himself as the Lord of Outland.

Among Illidan's followers were the Ashtongue Deathsworn, a group of Broken led by Akama, who saw the evil in Illidan's intentions. Seeking to reclaim the Temple of Karabor for his people, Akama rebelled against Illidan with the aid of the Deathsworn and Maiev Shadowsong. In a final clash, Akama and Maiev managed to defeat Illidan, and Akama began to rebuild the Temple.


Reflection on the Temple of Karabor, By Sister Ellilena Crawford (626 K.C.)