Thadian Mikash


Afflicted Human Gilnean (Worgen)


The Coywolf, Kash, Thad, Champ


Quarter Master on the vessel Isiku Moyo


Alliance, Neutral factions


Chaotic neutral



Human appearance

Kash has a younger looking face, although he uses facial hair growth in attempts to appear his appropriate age. He really can't mask the puppy dog expressions of his myrtle blue green eyes. He's slender and lanky in build. He does seem to have a worldly gait, however, it could be just the way he ambles along. Thadian smiles a lot, maybe seemingly too much for it to be a completely honest smile. It may seem like he is a swindler, even though the smiles themselves are genuine. Thad's hair is a dark chestnut brown with redish highlights, not cut by a professional, perhaps it was done by swift sweeps of a knife. He's shaggy and unkempt in style of appearance. He's meant to have an unassuming look, something average, and easily forgettable.

Worgen appearance


He looks to be younger around the muzzle and eyes, having shaggy brows that have a puppy lift near the bridge of his muzzle. His fangs and teeth are slightly smaller appearance, not as exposed from the mouth. Lanky, but not overly thin in build. A more coyote like shaggy fur appearance in coloration of browns, greys, and whites. His sharp myrtle green gaze, is very cautious, calculating, yet there may be a glint of mischievous fun in their wandering trek.


Casual garb: Typical in what could be considered lower class attire, leather vest, and pants cloth shirt, and neck tie. He wears mix match of both leather and cloth garb. It may seem loose fitting, or easily replaced, very unassuming in taste.

Armor: Leather armor, it varies depending on the current job. Some of his armor, is quite expensive in appearance and design.


His easy going stride seems to favor the right side, it holds a very slight indication of added extra weight of a pistol in it's holster. He has many tricks up his sleeves, or perhaps even hidden on his person from head to toe. He carries, from visible daggers, to a concealed pistol in his pant leg. Thadian is obviously armed even to a casual observer. He is not above, or beyond poisoning, or using smoking explosives for a hasty escape if needed.


Thadian is has an on the sly playful trickster, as well as a fun loving attitude. In many aspects within his personality he has a shape -shifter quality in what he allows of his personality to be exposed, it's all dependent on who he is interacting with. He's typically laid back, open minded, and forgives quite easily, having a humble fun loving attitude when it comes to work, and friendship. He likes to entertain others, as much as he likes to be entertained.

He is an individualist first and last. He follows his own moral compass, which he may not always agree with that of which in the eyes of society deems is the right way to behave, or generally be. He despises labels, he finds strength in what is typically considered weaknesses within individual personalities. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions.  Thadian acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect, or assume of him. He does believe in attempting to treat others fairly, when possible. Thad will disregard the law in pursuing his self interest as he has little use for laws and regulations if the situation concerns his own survival. His intentions may at times be motivated further towards the good spectrum. However, who he associates with, and the outcome of his intent doesn't always turn out that way.  

Other things

Kash's hands have broad palms with slender long fingers. His hands, and mannerisms with them, are all subtle tools at his disposal for distraction, sleight of hand motions, and misdirection.

Talents | Hobbies: Thad is ambidextrous, he is able to use the right and left hands equally. Street magic, sleight of hand, contact glass orb juggles, card tricks, objects disappearing and possibly replaced elsewhere, all done for entertainment purposes.

Thadian never received formal education. Everything he learned he picked up by observing others. He has a mild learning disability called dyslexia, which makes it difficult for him to read written text. He's got by the pictures, or banners displayed over vendor shops and the like.

Motto:  Boots can't be stolen off a gent that doesn't wear any.

Theme play list of music;

Hold On Tight - Greg Holden

Home - Machine gun Kelly

Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons

The wolf and the moon  - BrunuhVille

aquilo - silhouette lyrics

Belief System

Chaotic neutral

Good and evil are a complimentary balance of arms, one cannot exist with the other. Thadian dances in the grey. He can be viewed at any angle, in turn no personal perception of him would be completely incorrect. He tends to have the best intentions, but that doesn't always lead to the best results. Life has meaning, purpose, but his own has the greatest meaning to him. He will keep his word if it serves his interests. He may attack an unarmed foe, if he feels it is necessary. He will not kill an innocent, but he may accidentally harm an innocent. He may use torture to extract information, but never for pleasure. He may kill for pleasure, but is not very likely to do so. He may help those in need, or work with others, but he does not respond well to higher authority. He is distrustful of organizations, and will disregard the law in pursuing his self-interest. He may betray a family member, comrade, or friend, but only in the most dire of situations. Things just happen, there is no rhyme or reason to it. Thadian tends to believe in luck and chance, rather than fate or destiny.


There are many individuals that have been highly influential in Thadian's life some are listed below.

Past influential individuals

  • Mr. Brittle - The elderly farmer that found Thadian in a sheep pasture.
  • Mrs. Corney - Matron of the Orphanage.
  • Mr. Gregory Mikash, Mrs. Rae Mikash -Elderly couple that indentured and then later adopted Thadian.
  • Madam Sadie Daciana - Found Thadian on the street taking him under her wing, and into her home.
  • Telran Starthorn - Druid of the Cenarion circle that befriended and taught Thadian the value of balance.
  • Candice Caronal - Lover that led Thadian down a path into a world of darkness and regrets.
  • Adair Soames - Dominator | Gamma over Thadian and others within the pack that Thad had been apart of at one time.

Present influential individuals

  • Randal ' Silver ' Morley- Mate, superior officer on the vessel Isiku Moyo.   
  • Davin Morley - Death knight, superior officer on the vessel Isiku Moyo.
  • Melinda Maclay - Mate, superior officer on the vessel Isiku Moyo.
  • Nacelia Leafsong - Druid, crew mate, friend, on the vessel Isiku Moyo.
  • Tashilly - Priest, friend, target for trickery.
  • Jerrick - Druid, friend, target for picnicking, and chatting it up.
  • Reynali - Mage, friend, has given Thad the nickname Pawsy.

Randal Morley

Davin 'Dirge' Morley

Melinda Maclay

Tashilly ' Shilly'

Nacelia Leafsong



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He doesn't announce where he is from, nor does he hide it, he simply doesn't talk about it constantly. He doesn't dwell in matters that cannot be changed. Thadian's focus is mainly the present, and the coming future. He's just happy to be living the life of his own choosing. Most seem to take him at face value, and he is happy with that.

Quick Run Down Of History  Locations
Early Childhood Gilnean Orphanage
Childhood Mikash's Farm
Adolescence Sadie's House
Young Adulthood Darnassus, Moonglade, Hyjal, Firelands
Adulthood Darkshire, Elwynn, Westfall
Current Where the winds of life take him

The Value of a name

Thadian has no memory of his biological parents. He barely recalls the grizzled visage of the farmer that had found him. The old man who had mistaken the toddler Thadian's cries for that of a lost lamb, until he had been discovered the source. The elderly man then rescued the child and kept him warm until he was picked up by the local authorities. Thadian can recall the orphanage's matron vividly. He can recall, the large ominous echoing building, and the squalor conditions in which he was raised in with the other unwanted children, clearly. He was quick to learn behavior patterns of his peers, and adults alike adjusting his own personality to suit whatever situations or circumstances that arose. Thadian quickly adapted to the life style an over populated orphanage provided.

The very young lad had a very lucky hand dealt to him. Instead of being sent to work in a laundry house, chapel, apprentice under a smithy, or a stable hand, he had an opportunity present itself that most of the orphans dreamed, and had longed to one day achieve. After spending about five years at the orphanage he was indentured out to an elderly couple that needed a youth to help around their farm. There was a possibility he would even be adopted if he made a good enough of an impression. He was delighted to get away, to have a family he had dreamed of at last. He had never been a block away from that ominous gated community orphanage, to see the country side was a world changer for the young Thadian. The scenery was vastly different in appearance to him. All that green lush grass pastures dappled with the thick white cloud looking coats of sheep, compared to the cobble stones and tall surrounding buildings the country side seemed to the wide eyed youth like a different world entirely. He was beyond excited, beyond terrified, beyond anything he had ever felt before. It was a feeling that was so powerful and overwhelming all at once, that he couldn't put words to it. He was silent the whole carriage trip to the farm, with eyes locked to the scenery outside the carriage.

He was frozen still as the lorry presented him to Gregory and Rae Mikash, the guard had to nudge him a few times to get him to move. Thadian stood there with so many questions that ran through him, that he physically shook. All of the other orphans had warned, and cautioned him before he departed not to get too comfortable with a family as they were filling his mind with terrifying possibilities.

Even with all that in mind while he was standing there before the couple all he could see was that opportunity for something he had spent those late nights dreaming of... a real family. Sure the couple seemed nothing like his imagined family as their skin was so paper thin that he could see the veins under the surface, and their faces were wrinkled appearing to him like too worn out leather wallets. At the same time underneath all that old, there was a warmth to their smiles and eyes he had never encountered before. Introductions were made, he was given an new outfit, and even his own place to sleep in the barn. The lorry gave one last warning before he departed, that Thadian could be sent back to the orphanage at anytime if the Mikash's were not happy with his work.

Thadian seemed to fall easily into the early to wake routine. He was fed three meals a day if he worked, and did what he was told. This whole set up to him was a vast improvement to the orphanage's life style. As old as the couple were they were kind to him, never raised their voices, nor took a whipping to him. His life for four years were filled with praise, encouragement, and smiles. Once

Mikash Farm

he gained enough confidence that he wasn't going to be sent away he started to call them mother and father, they eventually gave him their surname Mikash. He felt loved, needed, wanted, like he contributed to something vastly greater in those years than any time before. He loved his family and was happy to remain like he was with them forever.

His adoptive father was shoveling manure into a wagon when in a lean his woolen sweater at the back of the neck became caught on a back latch of the wagon's gate. The catch of the sweater was bad enough that in his struggle to free himself the elderly man had jostled the wagon just enough to disturb the equine. Gregory would have survived the accident, if the horse hadn't backed the wagon over him. Thadian had been sweeping in the kitchen for his mother at the time, and had not noticed his father's absence until it was dinner time. His mother soon went looking for Gregory, as his father was never late to dinner. Thadian had washed up as it was routine, the table had already been set. He then just sat there as he had been told to do. He had sat there for what seemed like hours at the table. He thought at the time that the elderly couple were just talking, or had needed privacy. So with as much patience that he could muster he had waited. Maybe he had kicked his feet under his chair a little, as they barely touched the floor even though he wasn't supposed to. Maybe he had also twiddled his thumbs until he became bored with even that, as he kept looking at the door waiting for the two of them to return. Dinner had grown cold, and it was almost too dark outside. He resisted the temptation to eat from his plate because it would be rude to start without them, but his stomach was protesting. The fireflies were already flying up to the stars, the ravens had all settled in their roosts for the night, the crickets sung their nightly lullabies undisturbed by the unsettling nature of this long wait. He couldn't take it anymore he did the unthinkable, he left the dinner table without being excused. Hopping off the handcrafted chair he was soon taking a lantern with him as he went outside. He called out for them in the deepening twilight, while making his way towards the barn. By the light of the lantern Thadian had discovered them both, just laying there on the ground as if they took an impromptu nap .. Mother was breathing, but his father wasn't going to ever get up. As young as he was, he knew necks shouldn't be turned like that. He ran the mile to the neighbors to get help, he frantically explained how he had found them, and the neighboring farmers called on the doctor. Mother was sick after that, the doctor had said she was weak. The neighbors had to look after him as all the old couple's immediate relatives were all dead, he could tell even at that moment they had felt put out.

What happened in those following moments was a whirlwind of turmoil... One minute he thought mother was going to get up, the next she just stopped breathing. In all that confusion he heard the whispers of the other people coming and going, some said his mother had died of a broken heart, some said she got sick from being in the rain so long, some even blamed him. He heard the loud voices of the neighbors arguing about what to do with him, saying that he couldn't stay at the old homestead, and that they didn't want him. It was the night before the funeral for his mother that he had heard the mention of calling the lorry to take him back to the orphanage, and even worse outcomes than that. It was those types of conversations that had caused Thadian to run. He was panic stricken, he didn't want to leave, but... he knew if he stayed he would be taken by force. He loved the farm, he had named every chicken, kitten, and lamb, all of his friends, and stability was here. He had spent those warmer days, busting off the ends of green beans by the bucket fulls, he ran through the fields, and was read to at bed time with fondly remembered lantern lit stories in the hay loft. The farm was the only stable home he had ever known. He was plagued with the memories and thoughts of all the times that his father had played a fiddle, while he and mother had danced and laughed. Oh the work had been hard, but he had so much fun listening to his father tell stories and given advice as they had fixed fences. Thadian was all ears as his father had told about the old days and how he had built the farm house with his own hands, for himself and his lovely young bride. All these built memories were suddenly wiped cleaned as all those old fears and uncertainties came rushing back, it was his first real taste of death and loss. Devastated the young Thadian in tears that would not stop, ran, as if his life depended on it.

He woke up in an alley, in a very large discarded empty crate. That box became his home for almost a year. He had nothing, but his wits to survive on. He learned what inns threw out their food on what days. He had learned how to beg without getting caught by the city guards. He had learned how to wash himself, and how to wash the food from the spillage runoff from the rain gutters. He learned what homeless to avoid, and who was okay to talk to, he learned about caution, and how to filter what he said and to who. The only thing he hadn't mastered was stealing, and that ineptitude was also a game changer for the lad. There was a busy market place, too busy in young Thadian's mind to miss a few conveniently misplaced inventory. The smells were overwhelming to his plaintive stomach, the noises were all so distracting to his ears. One apple, no one would miss a single apple, he had told himself while that small grime covered hand of his had reached out to that impossibly red, shiny apple. That hand that had been itching to take the apple, suddenly snagged up it's prize in a triumphant glory! He knew it was bad to steal, but it felt so good to have it in hand, and he knew it would feel even better in his stomach. His moment of instant gratification was short lived, as he was just as suddenly nabbed! His wrist grabbed up from behind by a guard that whirled him about and up in the air! The shouts frightened him, as he had never had anyone look so menacingly at him in his entire life, the threats of cutting off his thieving hand was even worse. Thadian was just dangling there wordlessly, staring into those eyes of the fierce and angry guard. He knew there was nothing to he could do. There were no words of explanation that would clear his name. Thadian knew no matter how hungry he had been, taking something that didn't belong to him had been very wrong.

It was the words of another that stopped his next reaction of fighting to get free, before it had even happened. They were words of salvation, that rolled over him like a gentle caress. It didn't matter at all at the moment that the sentences the words formed were all lies, they were such beautiful sounding words he was enchanted by them. It seemed the guard felt the magic to the words too. Even though the apple had been ripped from him, Thadian had been set back down upon the ground free from a threatening hold. He finally could tear his eyes from the guard as he was being pulled into a warm hug from the most noble of woman he had ever seen in his life. He was so confused as he was ushered away by the woman, a safe distance from the guard. Everything she had said was a lie, he didn't know her, he wasn't her nephew, she didn't forget to pay for the apple. All that he knew was that the guard had believed the woman, and he had been let go, that his hand and possibly his life had been saved. Thadian knew he had blatantly tried to steal that apple, and yet the guard either believed her or... he had no idea why the guard had let him go. Right now his hand was safe, and he was now safe while being comforted by, who had to be the fairest woman in all the land. Her hair was the crimson of sunsets, her eyes the green of spring fields, her stature was tall and thin, her complexion was of the palest cream color of sheep wool. Her name was Sadie, and her promise to Thadian that he was her charge once more was being reassured in different terms.

The House That Sadie Built

That looming city wall never thought we would make it this far...

Sadie had a way of moving that had all eyes on her, a way of speaking softly, but with a demand for respect. There was so much power of influence in her every move, in her every word, as if she could bespell a room with a single breath. Thadian had certainly never met a woman like her, she wasn't disheveled or sickly like the walkers of the streets at night, or the grizzled matron of the orphanage, or that of his elderly mother, Sadie was a breed apart from anyone he had ever met. Her home was massive to him, it seemed larger then the orphanage, but no where as close as ominous looking. It was bright, it was airy, done in reds, it was open, it had art work in elaborate frames that he could stare at for hours on end. He had his own room, a bed, and his very own window with a view from the second floor. Her room was right next door to Thadian's, if he ever needed anything he could go to her. Other than to sleep Sadie almost always had Thadian at her side, he never felt alone. There was a staff of gardeners, cooks, cleaners, stable hands, people constantly came and went. She had explained that she had started from nothing and had built her empire from the ground up. Her explanation reminded him so much of his father's story, and when he had looked to her expression he had seen almost the same reflection of love and care. At that moment he had felt like he could never doubt about being a part of something greater ever again.

Sadie never failed in her promise of taking him in, protecting him, and teaching him what she knew. Under her care Thadian learned how the world really worked from Sadie's perspective. He learned of the vast dishonesty of the world around him. He learned from her to use all the tools and assets he had within him, to get he wanted from life with confidence. He had learned about manipulation, how to recognize when he was being manipulated, and how to manipulate others. He had learned how to steal from any class of citizen, from the highest in naivety, to the cynical. He learned about his own confidence, and how to recognize other's and lack there of, and how to use it to get what he wanted from the interactions. He learned about physical appeal, dressing to play the part of a social expectation from the pauper to the social elite. He learned what he felt was the most important, the arts of distraction, misdirection, persuasion. He learned about making home made explosives, and how to properly cheat at gambling.

He was considered by societies standard a young adult when he was dealt another hand that twisted his stability, but he was still too dependent on Sadie's guidance, and care to really be considered an actual adult. He was pretty much the young master of Sadie's house, although Thadian never saw himself as overseer of anyone. He found that he got along more with the servants spending hours in the kitchen, the grounds, than in the company of the social elite that Sadie would take in to her parlor to entertain. Having no peers his own age, had aged him some regards when it came to his behavior, and personal outlook on life and the world. As much as he appreciated Sadie, he was growing up


fast, things were changing for him. He did as he was told, did as he was taught, and it always pleased her unless she was drinking. Her penchant for drinking slowly began to consume her. The drinking had caused Sadie's behavior to become ever more erratic over the years. As much as he held love for her, as much as he had been grateful for everything she had given him, there was an ugly seed of resentment and distance growing in his heart. To Thadian, Sadie seemed more like a stranger than that welcoming vision of beauty that had saved him long ago from the chopping block. Even as her employees dwindled, her business seemed to be booming....

He was the look out again, looking out for the night watch's patrolling rounds. It was boring work, so he entertained himself with juggling the three glass orbs Sadie had given him as a ' please forgive me' gift. He rolled them around in his fingers and hand, as he leaned against walling. He waited in silence with the exception of the quiet clicking of the glass orbs in his hands outside the warehouse. In fact, it was oddly silent, the kind of creepy silence that was so thick and humid it could be cut with a knife. It was an uneasy feeling, something in the air that caused the hair on the arms to stand on end for no apparent reason, it wasn't too cold, it wasn't windy, it was just still, and maybe a little foggy. He had done look outs before, he stood outside for hours waiting for the actual work crew to be done with what they were doing, it never bothered him before. Maybe, they were just taking too long.... Maybe, it was that same feeling of time span that the dinner was too cold. That creeping feeling that just maybe, he should check on the crew to make sure they weren't under a wagon, or more realistically captured by the guard. He had just put his juggling orbs away when, out of no where a disheveled and gravely looking ill Sadie appeared like a ghost out of the lantern back lit fog, begging him to come with her. He didn't want to leave his post, but at the same time his loyalty to seeing to Sadie's well being was too strong to deny her for too long.

He didn't think it was her death bed, he had only thought she had gone on another crazed drinking binge. Thadian had given her medication to ease it, it should have worked, but she had seemed to burn through it. She kept speaking as if she was having nightmares, tossing and turning while ramblings of finding a way to keep them all together spilled from her mouth while in a confused delirious state. Thadian had learned more of her past in those fevered moments than he had in the entire time she had raised him. Thadian had came to realize everything she was, everything she did was motivated by these truth filled delirious murmurings. She spoke in desperate tones of finding a way of how they could be a family forever. Thadian had waited out the hours with placing damp cool rags to her head, just tending to her as one does with someone that cared for them over the years regardless of the demons they carried on their shoulders.Thadian had even spoke repeatedly of getting a doctor, but she would have none of that. Thadian did his best to try to ease her mind as he grew increasingly worried for the condition she was in.

He couldn't understand as to how Sadie had made it all the way out there as sick as she was. The city outside the estate had been full of strange rumors the whole city had felt unsafe. The atmosphere reminded him of nights before his adoptive parent's funeral, those whispers in the dark. He couldn't shake the feeling as he stared out the window, that he needed to run away. He felt once again torn between running, or staying in a place he cared about. He begged and pleaded for her to go to sleep, as the hours were edging more towards to the wee hours of day. His thoughts were if he could just get her to nod off for a few hours he could see what was happening with the crew. Many of the hired hands had spent time with him over the years, would come and go. They usually turned to working with Sadie when times were tough, crops were failing, the size of the flocks of sheep were small, and the like circumstances. They were important people to him, they reminded him of a family.

That long silence Thadian took that as his cue to leave, that Sadie had finally been subdued by slumber. He had whispered something about coming back soon. He briefly bent over to place a chaste kiss to her forehead, before he had turned his back on her to depart. It was as his hand reached out to the door knob, that time seemed to have slowed down, and then suddenly freeze! In a strange coincidence just as his hand touched to the door knob to turn it, Sadie had seemed to have made a miraculous recovery. She suddenly launched herself off the bed and snagged up his wrist in a very tight grip. Thadian was just as suddenly taken to a long ago place where he was very small and a large guard held that same wrist in the very same manner. Everything seemed to stop as he was filled with deep soul clenching dread. Sadie had used just as much strength as that guard had used on him, as she violently whipped him around too look at her. The only difference now being that he was much larger, and taller, and she shouldn't have been able to do that to him in her condition. Before his eyes that goddess of beauty, hope, and opportunity, had turned into a unspeakable monster before his eyes. That countenance he had seen as a guiding light transformed before him into something that he couldn't understand with his eyes, something his mind couldn't seem to fathom, or even begin to comprehend. Her voice was just as transformed into something monstrous and ugly, as she snarled out the words that still drip within his nightmares to this very day. " We become nothing, but echos of ourselves. " He didn't have time to question her, he hadn't time to speculate what she had meant. Thadian, hadn't had the opportunity to contemplate, or prevent what was to happen to him. In those stretched out moments where his own screams seemed to consumed the very air from the room, all he could do was to try to fight to survive. In the crimson heat of soul searing pain, she devoured his humanity, until there was nothing but the salvation of utter darkness. He would have never had the foresight to believe the woman that had saved him and groomed him for those years for a future of possibilities, would be the one that annihilated his reality transforming it into something else.

In The Company Of Druids

The soul masters the beast, the beast masters the soul....

He awoke to the sound of water, and resonating voices in a language he couldn't understand. He wasn't alone, there were many of his fellow Gilnean's in this place, but there were also elves. He had never been up close to an elf in his life, although he had heard tales. There were ones were telling them to drink in common, a language he could understand, and he was more then grateful to quell his need to drink. Thadian was thirsty beyond his wildest dreams, as if he had never felt such thirst. As instructed Thadian had drank from the wells of fury, tranquility, and balance. When he was more aware of his surroundings he learned that they aided by the druids in Tal'doren to regain balance between spirit and mind. Thadian had been in a state of shock for some time it seemed, he was numb, and strangely everything was more acute, and at the same time he was sharply aware. It was a dream like state, everything was obscure and vivid all at once, as if he was digging through a fog for what seemed a long time. His mind was consumed by those dancing shadows of the past as if on a loop. It was as if he didn't want to remember, but at the same he couldn't really forget.

It was only later when he joined the other refugees aboard a great ship that took them to Darnassus. He had never been on board a ship before, yet he lacked the strength to be excited about it as he normally would have been, he felt worn out. Although through listening conversations he had learned the fate of his home, his people. He wanted to join the other Gilnean's on the ship, he just lacked the heart to. He kept withdrawing within himself on the journey, brooding. He had never seen a place as Darnassus, he actually could feel it, hear it, taste it, even if it was faint. Thadian just knew there was some powerful influence on the air that crawled along his skin. It was an awe inspiring place on a sensory level.

As he was ushered around, given instructions where he would sleep, eat, learn, a elven male was assigned to him to help guide him to finding that balance. His instructor went by the given name of Telran Starthorn, a kindly night elf that was one of the tallest people he had encountered. At that time Thadian was taller then most of the young men his age, albeit he was still holding that lanky bean sprout appearance, standing at six feet two inches. Telran had to be a foot taller then him, and he had an awesome looking beard, that Thadian tried to achieve by growing out his own facial hair. Thadian never achieved that full beard, only gaining a scruff of one. Telran had one of those faces that looked perpetually stern. It was a little hard for Thadian, to tell Telran's emotions just by the moon kissed glowing eyes. Thadian did learn even though it was far different then looking into a human's eyes there were tells to them that displayed emotion, one just had to be wise to them. Telran became a

In the company of druids.

close friend to Thadian, his everlasting patience with Thadian won over that shroud of gloom and doom, that had covered him. Telran's perspective was vastly different about how the way the word worked compared to Sadie's point of view. Telran could find the balance, purpose, and good in just about every living thing in the world. Telran was the one that came up with a new nickname for him given in fondness, and kinship, Kash. Thadian like the nickname as Telran introduced him with the name, it was like a new identity, a person born anew.

Daily activities, facing new situations became easier for Thadian. It was Telran's hands on approach that made the transitioning easier for Thadian. Telran took him places outside the sheltering grove of Darnassus, showed him the world through Telran's point of view. Together, they in the wake of the Cataclysm did relief efforts, as Telran was by nature a healer. Thadian did what he could in that time, even if it was just passing over splints and bandages to the healer Telran. Unlike Sadie trials and tests of loyalty, Telran's tests were beneficial to Thadian, as they taught him self reliance, encouraged self control, and how to behave in stressful situations that could agitate the urges and instincts with what spirit gnawed under Thadian's skin. Not that it was always smooth or easy to handle, but with Telran right there, Thadian learned how to control himself, to keep balance. Thadian learned if he ate regularly, before helping Telran tend to the wounded that the urges were not as strong. He learned if he didn't panic, if he just stopped to breathe, stopped to control his emotions not to become too excited in situations that were frantic, fast paced, distracting, that Thadian eventually was able to maintain. Things in general for Thadian became easier with work, time, and efforts on his part, as well as Telran's influence in those uncertain moments. He slowly gained confidence, he grew as a person, and developed his true new self identity. Telran was always at his side, from failures and break downs, to victories and triumphs, a true friend and a true teacher. Thadian held Telran in the highest regard, and esteem he was always grateful for his friend.

Telran continued the teachings of observing one's environment, the signs of body language, and many more cues that came with sensory perception. They traveled often, always on foot, the long walks helped curb the energy that ran through Thadian. Telran taught him the value of going shoeless, to feel the earth, to feel the cool blades of grass under feet, earth, or the hot sands. Telran taught him about how the plants could speak to even those that could not hear, to pay attention to the leaves and how they turned with the light, or with the onset of rain. Telran had also taught Thadian how to see the health of a tree and plants by their condition, and other signs, such as sap and insects. Thadian already had a great understanding of that when it came to human's and how their minds worked, but when it came to animals and plants, he had always thought of them as mindless beings driven by instincts and urges, and not really any true thought, or feeling processes. Telran took Thadian out into the wilderness and had taught him of the wild hunt and all it wonders, and depths to be discovered. To give Thadian a deeper appreciation for the wilderness and how to observe one's surroundings in details that Thadian would have never considered before. They had observed the wild true wolves in their natural environment, studied how they behaved with one another, or alone. What practices succeeded, and those that failed, and those that lead ultimately to life and death struggles. They discussed at length what they had observed from their own point of views, how they believed why things happened a certain way, or how it could have been done better to achieve a better result. Some of these discussions seemed to be on point when it came to his own behavior, he could relate. The talks seemed to be about his own strengths and weaknesses. The subjects and daily topics opened doors for him and it really made Thadian think of the similarities, and how it could be applied to his own life and well being. That path to balance took more than self reliance, even though it was a great apart of it when it came to survival. His teacher gave him the guidance that led Thadian to seek out Goldrinn, for a greater understanding of the spirit within him. Thadian found a means to keep the peace between the conflicting aspects between spirit and mind, an unspoken agreement was settled upon strengthening a bond.

When the time came he departed from his friend's company, Thadian had felt ready to face the world. He was still in search of who he was and who he was to become, but his stride was surefooted. He was no longer a boy, or a lost soul, he didn't feel cursed, he felt confident he could make it in the world no matter what obstacles were thrown at him.

What Is done to Survive

Strangers in your own head....

He moved from town to village doing odd jobs. Sometimes it was just fixing fences, sometimes he did a little entertainment for the local pedestrians, sometimes it was pulling weeds, or mending roofs, or shearing sheep. No matter what the job was Kash kept himself busy, he worked hard, whistled, or sang a old tune, it was good honest work. Okay, maybe some of it wasn't so honest but the majority of the work was. It was if he shed away his past and moved on. He smiled, he danced, he talked about local events, made new friends, encountered some of those from his past in passing, heard the good word, and some of the not so good words. He learned of world events through word of mouth, some of it seemed like it was exaggerated slightly, some of the tales' he full heartedly believed. His meandering aim was to gain enough gold to be able to purchase provisions, and possibly some proper gear so that when he made it to Stormwind he would look like a respectable citizen, and gain a respectable job.

There she the local pub. A blue eyed, corn silk yellow haired beauty, sitting in a corner all alone, with an absolutely dreadful scowl on her face. He didn't make an approach then, because one, he was covered in soot from cleaning out the pub's chimney. He asked in passing who she was from the inn keep, it seemed that she had purchased a week stay up front, and the name she had signed in under was Candice Caronal. After a few passing words of encouragement from the inn keeper, and vigorous clean up after work, he had peeked into the dining room to still see her in the same corner, with the same ugly scowl. Kash took this opportunity to introduce himself, and well make the attempt to cheer the lass up. He whipped out all his best lines, his best charming smile, and all his parlor tricks in his arsenal. He had plenty of practice on marks, but when it came to what he wanted or was after, well he never made it that far. Candice, that Kash had found out like to be called Candy, was eating up his routine so eagerly he was certain he had his foot in her room door. Well maybe not that night, but there was promise for another date the following evening. All he knew he was infatuated with getting her to smile. When she had agreed to the second date, he may have yipped a bit when she planted a kiss to his cheek when she said her good nights for the evening.

The two of them, the next evening, really hit it off after he got off work, drinks, laughter, all those fears and apprehension subsided by the end of the night. She was so easy to get along with, he just felt an instant connection with her. He was in that state of utter triumphant, and feeling quite accomplished. He dozed in and out of a drunken warm stupor in the bed besides the very pretty when she smiled, Candy. He was still quite new to keeping the balance, he hadn't been sure if he could maintain especially when emotional states, when biological chemical rushes were in tow. Well the proof was in the pudding, and he had his dessert all that night! Hours must have passed, he could hear birds vaguely outside, it wasn't really birds that stirred him out sleep. It was Candy's voice, panicked and in quiet hurried tones that had him tearing away from that veil of darkness and comfort. He had to tell her to slow down as she revealed something quite shocking for his too groggy mind to process. The short version was that she was in danger, and so was he, because of this night together. All he could think of at the moment was that she was married, and the husband was about to walk in. He about flew out of the bed to get dressed, just as panicked as her voice sounded in pleas. But when she told him to stop and listen to her, he managed to pause because she had said if he went out the door without her he was most likely dead, so to the window of the small room he dashed! He had one leg out the window as she clarified that it wasn't her husband, it was that she had ran into a gang that controlled every aspect of her life, and she was being used as recruitment tool. That Kash had been watched since he had entered the village, and that they wanted him apart of this what she called a 'pack'. That she really needed his help to escape them, that she didn't want to do anything to him, that she was sorry, and that's when the tears started. He had never made a woman cry like that, with only a sheet for protection from whatever just happened in the confession. He came back into the room, and like a love struck idiot he began apologizing, and began agreeing to help her in whatever way he could.

Talk about a night of firsts and earth shattering events.....

In retrospect, Kash would laugh and joke over the whole ordeal, about how he had been duped by a pretty smile and a dash of one night of kindness, but at the time it was quite life changing. The best way to face what lurked in the dark was to call it out into the open to shed some light on the mystery, or so he had thought. Taking Candy's hand in his, he practically pulled her outside with him. He didn't want to wind up dead after all, and he certainly didn't want to be used by her as the bait and distraction while she made her own attempt to escape. Where was everyone?! All the bloody town folk had seemed to have disappeared, besides the fact that it was in the wee hours of the morning, he still hoped there would like be some witnesses to the event besides the confounded early twittering of annoying birds. He had traveled with the squirming and slightly resisting Candy to the outskirts of town, he had a feeling if he had let go of her hand she would attempt to escape while he got pounded. He thought he was under control, had this situation handled, and had called them out of hiding with a shout. A shout he had hoped sounded more fierce then what he had heard come from himself. He was thinking maybe three, two or three he could easily persuade with his charisma to leave him and the lass alone. It did not turn out to be as he would hope it would. Not three, but five, five males decked out in full worgen attire, meaning tattered bits of cloth and gear. They some of largest blokes he had ever seen unfolded from the shadows. The reveal from their concealing hiding places was slow, Kash had hoped it was hesitation, but upon seeing the sheer size of them he was aware it was more for a dramatic intimidating effect. It had worked...

Although Kash had used all the teachings Telran had given him about body language and posturing, it failed with the group that had appeared. He held his head up high in confidence, spoke of his agenda of taking Candy with him and they were going to leave, that they would have to find another recruit. He kept his posture and pose, he even challenged with making eye contact. At first there was a roaring of laughter, and then it went all bad. All that confidence Kash had displayed slowly began to fade replaced with uncertainty and then dread. There was a lot of exchanging of words, very colorful aggressive words in disagreement with him. At first he had danced around the words, then the swings at him that followed, although, that game was short lived. When the first impact of a fist that he hadn't dodge hit him in the jaw, he was reevaluating his poor decision making as he swung back to retaliate there was no stopping the reaction, he was a scrapper after all! He could take a few fists to the face, and then return some no problem. Something he had learned at the orphanage protecting his meals, something he picked up from hanging out with thugs as well. The second strike nabbed a few ribs, or so it felt like, as his air in his lungs locked with a burn that could only be described as swimming in a smelting furnace, it seemed to knock the thought from his mind. He took a sharp inhale recovering as the third hit him under the chin, he may be seeing stars, but he was still fighting back. The forth impact had him cry out on the inside for the mother he never knew, and the fifth hit had him shifting to worgen shape as if was out of the wolf's volition to do so. He hadn't shifted without his own thoughts in the forefront of his mind, ever since he had drank from the well of fury, tranquility, and the well of balance. It seemed as if the change was forced upon him against his own will, which caused his mind and body to retch in pain. Kash lashed out at his attackers, all that practice, all that seeking balance unraveled in a rage he could taste. The difference being that it was a focused rage, built out an instinct of protection of someone that to that basic mind of his, was his, that he had a claim to protect against all odds. As much as Kash unleashed himself upon his attackers, he wasn't a match for three, let alone five as the repetitious hits and soon kicks became consecutive. That didn't mean he didn't give it a hundred and ten percent effort to return what he was being dealt, yet he was failing, try as he might he had failed. If they were going to take him and Candy, he was going to make them work for it, and he would make them pay for it in the long run.

In the years following that fateful early morning... The young man had become the adult he was to be. Everything he thought he knew was twisted in this new environment. To Kash ' the pack' went against everything that natural wolves lived by. This ' pack' arrangement was some twisted human version of what the human brain decided what was ideal for wolves to behave. The supposed Alpha of the pack was cruel, was

What is done to survive.

greedy, and was power hungry. Those that had recruited him into the pack, had become his tormentors and as well in a strange twist his salvation from a worse fate. The pack was so large that he only met with the actual Alpha five times, those that were entrusted with Thadian's 'care' were gamma's and delta's, by their ranking system. He was given a chance to up his own rank by not only speaking of his deeds that merited a promotion, but by proving himself in combat against another in a rank above his own. He started as an omega, the last, the lowest, the punching bag, the bait. He made it to the rank of Upsilon, each triumphant in a rise of ranks gained him more privileges. His duties changed as he gained more trust, and he was rewarded for that with the one day of festivities as tribute to his achievements with a feast appropriate for his rank.

Adair, was Thadian's gamma from the start, Adair took a favoring to him because Kash would put up a fight if he was cornered into a challenge, even if he lost every time. Kash had toyed with the gamma in manipulating tactics that served his own purposes, such as when it came to food and other privileges beyond his rank's allotment. The pack was so large it really couldn't sustain itself, it had to steal from others, fight other packs for territory, or just for the want of more power to rule as it absorbed unsuspecting others into the festering lot. Thad did what he could to survive, and did the same for the others trapped in the same situation as himself, by whatever means he could.

They All Fall Down

It's only been a moment, it's only been a life time...

That was until the pack finally reached that pinnacle of a breaking point, something, just something had to eventually give. The alpha lay dead, a new, outsider Alpha, now stood in his place. Many of the remaining pack was ushered to the Moonglade to gain the proper aid. Candy, wanted nothing to do with him, whatever she had saw in him when they had first met had been slaughtered. Kash just couldn't live up to those expectations she had long ago believed was in him to accomplish. They were both two very different people from those that had began on down the same road together.

The Coywolf decided to follow Adair and his lackeys instead, seemingly passing up that opportunity to escape as the ' pack ' shattered to all corners of the world, as far as Thadian was aware. All the Beta's had been killed, along with the Alpha's so what remained of the gamma's and lesser ranks gathered to plan. There was a nearby pack, that had always been on uncertain terms with the one Kash was in. They weren't exactly rivals but on the brink of that, there had been some clashes in the past. It usually was made up for with exchanges of members, and goods when those type of conflicts arose.

Adair had been in a skirmish with the pack a few times, and had this plan... Adair's plans were always, straight forward and not very well thought out, and it usually entailed The Coywolf being the bait. This time however, Kash didn't point out all the flaws to Adair's plan, he just went with it. Adair had decided to send the coywolf in and scope it out, pretend to be a straggler from their dissolved pack needing a replacement pack. The coywolf's task was to get to know their weaknesses, their numbers, and report back to Adair and the others. Adair was going to take on their Alpha apparently, and rule a pack that had always been stronger then their old one. Kash simply agreed with the obviously flawed plan, and with some motivational abuse from the others he was ready for some play acting.

The scene was set, Kash had played the perfect part, got to know the members, and even managed an appointment to see the Alpha. He did so tactfully, with a talent that seemed uncanny for those of his remaining hidden pack members to witness. The warriors took the coywolf right in to see the alpha and the council of elders. Instead of explaining to elders what Adair had scripted, Kash had a different story entirely to tell them. He told the Alpha before him of this other pack, what Adair had planned, how many were waiting and watching for the advantage to attack, and what weapons they had on them. He knew by doing so he became, betraying rat. He knew the group of straggling males would meet a bloody end regardless of how hard they had fought. This opposition pack may have been less in numbers than their old original one at it's height, but they had a strength that the small group of rag tag idiots didn't have. Of course the coywolf had a plan to lure his pack members out, so he had explained what the plot was for entertainment purposes.

Kash was being dragged out of the council chambers by the Alpha himself, in full view out in the open. The Alpha did as planned, beating and thrashing Kash about violently. Now this was the risk factor when it came to Kash's prowess in deceit. He relied on others to be able to keep to their behavior patterns, if they believed the pretty little lies he painted for them to see. He had been honest with this Alpha that had no reason to believe him, and on the other side of that coin he had lied to Adair, who had trusted him. Now the Alpha could have turned on him and killed him right then and there and still have the advantage, Kash was giving him full opportunity to do so. A part of him really wanted to die at the moment, so even if the Alpha went over board with the display it didn't matter to Kash. The Alpha wasn't taking it easy on him, but he certainly wasn't killing him either.

Adair, as Kash had mentally predicted recklessly exposed his and the other's position as he rushed out to save the coywolf. It was that strange possessiveness that Kash had decided to use against Adair. Kash had seen this protectiveness before, Adair wouldn't allow beatings to go too far, or punishments to become too harsh on Thad. There had been many times Adair had stepped in a dispute to protect Kash, by voice, rank, or brute force of will. It only took hunters of the opposing pack to bring Adair down with a volley of arrows, the others were killed just as quickly. He watched as the life from those he had known for years by name and rank, spilled upon the forest's ground in a stark red and eerie silence. As the last one of his group had been eliminated, the members of the triumphant side celebrated the victory, the Alpha helped Thad to his feet. Kash had grasped to the other's arm at the elbow to seal the deal with a nod, before he was escorted out of the forest. As arranged Kash was banished from the range of territory, but allowed to depart alive. As he left the forest's tree line Thadian was acutely aware of how beaten down and exposed he was, and yet numb at the same time. At any time he could have been killed, either by the pack's warriors, or some other unknown waiting for him around the corner. But instead he was for the first time in years, free....


Balanced Chaos, Chaotic Balance

When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Is it the person you were, or person you're going to be?

Where Thadian is currently.

With another war coming to a close, other opportunities can be found on the horizon. He's always been in search for something more, he just hasn't figured out what it is. Maybe, just maybe he has found it, found that deeper meaning and personal truth. Perhaps, what he was truly looking for was found in the chaotic sounds of laughter, the balance of good spirits, while in the company of good friends.

Perfectly Balanced Chaos

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