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Aellandeil Sunheart


36 L.C.



Aellandeil Sunheart was approached by the Curators of Thalassian Culture to display and sell his wares in Dalaran. Many months later the legion came taking Aellandeil Sunheart and his skilled hands from the ranks of those dedicated to fashion. He was survived in craft by his apprentice Nyramis Willowheart. After a period of mourning, Thalassian Couture was reopened in Dalaran's new location near the Broken Isles. Nyramis hopes to bring fashion to this new part of the world as well.

The Shop hosts an array of Thalassian style jewelry, clothing, grooming supplies [ Such as the popular brands Beloreal and Quel'belline. ] Most designs are custom made for specific occasions. It is unlikely that any will ever be reproduced in exact detail. However it is possible to request almost anything. In his day Aellandeil supplied many of the elven brides of Azeroth with their wedding gowns.

After the War on the Broken Isles ended. Aellandiel returned to Dalaran to continue his work. Nyramis stepped away from the shop in order to focus on his family. Leaving Ael, bereft of his own free to spend the majority of his time creating beautiful things once more.

When the period of mourning was over, Aellandiel returned to Dalaran with hils children in tow. From the doors of the Shop began to flow beautiful things once more. His designs may have even been touched in places by the things he saw on his travels.

Formal Attire[]