Dr. Thaugrim Anvilrage
Thaugrim Fire


Medical Doctor, Golem Lord, Magna


Lieutenant of the Medical Division, The Dwarven Vanguard

Director, The Grand Alliance Medical Association




Church of the Holy Light

Service Divisions

Anvilrage Legion (formerly) Medical, The Dwarven Vanguard



Thaugrim Anvilrage is a Lieutenant in The Dwarven Vanguard, and a recognized Dwarf Lord. Several centuries old, he is one of if not the most elderly Dwarf in military service. Thaugrim maintains that he is only as 'spry as he is' because of how the Holy Light rewards his devotion. His capacity to serve is a miracle, in his eyes.

Thaugrim is also the Director of The Grand Alliance Medical Association (G.A.M.A.), a community for healers within The Grand Alliance. G.A.M.A.'s mission is to foster discussion between nations so that techniques can be shared and lessons can be learned.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Born just before the War of the Three Hammers, Thaugrim's youth was spent in Ironforge. The Dark Iron Clan dwelled in the deepest halls of the city and his parents were as wealthy and secretive as they come. His mother, Thryna, was a sorceress. His father, Borgrim, was a warrior. Incredibly proud of his clan, Borgrim followed the tradition of many Dark Iron warriors by taking the name of an honored Thane. Thane Anvilrage was the fiercest general of their people, and Borgrim decreed that all descendant from his line would pay respect. In such a way, Thaugrim was tied to the idea of clan loyalty at an early age.

But for all the Dark Iron's reputation of cunning, deception and ambition, Thaugrim was kind-hearted. Gentle to a fault, the boy was soft-spoken and dewy-eyed. Pressed into service only to make his father proud, the young Anvilrage never had the mettle of a great fighter, though he could hold his own if he had to. Instead, he found his calling in caring for his companions and tending to their wounds. The agony he saw in his kin touched him deeply, and a strong habit of empathy would define his life.

Devotion Edit

Thryna's business was in selling precious gems to peoples beyond the vast halls of Ironforge. While traveling with her, Thaugrim was fortunate enough to make many friends from many cultures. Among these was a human priestess from Alterac. Though Anvilrage refuses to speak her name now, it is clear that she was his most formative mentor.

Away from the dark tunnels the Dark Irons inhabited, Thaugrim fell in love with the culture of the small town he found himself in. His mother had decided to journey further North and had agreed to let the young Thaugrim stay behind under the priestess' tutelage. In a small chapel, Thaugrim fell in love with the Holy Light. The teachings he learned hinted at a way of life so different than he had known in Ironforge. No scheming, no plotting, no competing. Compassion. Love. Care. The young Dwarf felt an instant connection with the doctrine and devoted himself deeply to it. Religion became the center point of his life and no matter if his days were filled with dawn or darkness, Thaugrim would remember the warmth of The Holy Light.

Shadowforge under The Firelord Edit

The War of Three hammers shook Thaugrim's life as it did all of Dwarven kind. A soldier in Thaurissan's war-machine, the young paladin fought against his Bronzebeard and Wildhammer kin with sorrow in his heart. As the Dark Iron clan was pushed back to Blackrock Mountain, Thaugrim received word that his mother had fallen at Grim Batol and his father had perished in the Sorcerer-Thane's desperate attempt to siege Ironforge. Numb from the loss, Thaugrim waded out into the battlefield. The memory of those few moments are seared into his brain - of watching the allied clans approach, of feeling the defeat in his kin...and of the fire that rained from the sky. As Raganos burst from the mountain, Dark Iron Dwarves scrambled for cover as ash tore the winds and embers rolled out over them. Desperately, Thaugrim called out to the Holy Light and brought a shield over himself. Once the hellish barrage had ended, the young paladin fainted from exhaustion and was dragged back to the mountain by his unit.

There, under what was now Shadowforge City, Thaugrim continued to serve in his namesake's Legion. As the clan shunned the surface races more and favored dark magics with each passing day, it became clear that his religious attitude was not acceptable. At least not in the compassionate way he was taught. Anvilrage would conceal his devotion until the time of the Cataclysm, ignoring sinful action and praying in the dead of night when he knew he would not be heard. Two centuries would pass with him in this state, as a guardsman not seeking recognition nor glory, as a paladin who wanted nothing more than to feel the Light's warmth once again.

A Holy Relic Edit


Thaugrim with Gawain's hammer

Though there were pockets of grace in that time - friends and lovers - Thaugrim's existence in Shadowforge under Thaurissan was miserable. He had been assigned to prison duty in the Ring of Law and was to oversee a peculiar prisoner. A human paladin, by the name of Gawain, had wandered too far to the mountain and had been taken a slave. Outwardly, Thaugrim performed his forcing him to work, but in truth, he was awed by the paladin. It had been nearly a century in hiding, and Gawain provided much-needed relief from his religious abstinence. Secretly, they prayed together and spoke of the Light's wisdom. Tragedy would strike, and Gawain would be worked to death while another guard was on shift. As a statement of Dark Iron supremacy, Thaugrim took the man's hammer and held it high over his corpse, much to the delight of the Anvilrage taskmasters. In truth, however, Thaugrim kept the relic for it was the most holy artifact he had ever known - the weapon of a Knight of the Silver Hand. It would become his most treasured possession, a living metaphor for his piety.

Recent History Edit

The Dwarven Vanguard Edit

Upon The Dark Iron Clan's official recognition in the Fourth War, Thaugrim returned to Ironforge after over two centuries. Though there was latent racism in the community, he remained incredibly motivated to serve his kin - regardless of clan. Finally feeling the ambition to be more than a stationary guard, he sought out Ironforge's premier fighting force: The Dwarven Vanguard. After being inducted by the lieutenant of the medical division, Durghan Thunderaxe,


Thaugrim (second from left) with The Vanguard, assembled at Ironforge

Thaugrim put his skills to use in the medbay.

Today he serves the people of Ironforge with elation. Frequently, he will pontificate upon the Light's virtues, and how it feels closer to him now that he truly believes in the causes he fights for. In fact, those who would have known him before may describe him as seeming younger. Though Thaugrim was never a great warrior, even in his prime, the old Dwarf serves the Vanguard dutifully and with pride. Beolrik Orcgrinder gave him the name "Deathsbane" for saving the Mountain King's life, and the lives of so many critical patients.
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Medical service at the Vash'jir campaign (Warcraft Conquest)

Beyond his duties as a medic, Thaugrim has also taken to manufacturing and outfitting Dark Iron Golems for The Vanguard to use in siege matters. And so he is known as Golem Lord for this mastery of the secretive construction of Dark Iron constructs.

Loremaster's Legacy Edit

After being accepted into the ranks of the Vanguard, Thaugrim immediately had second thoughts. Beyond a troubled history with the Vanguard's predecessor, The Mountain Guard (as many Dark Iron Dwarves had), Thaugrim quickly realized he had joined out of zeal alone. His days of standing on the frontline in a shieldwall were long behind him, and stairs would often give him pause. What could he possibly offer this respected military order?

He pondered these thoughts one night in the silent halls of Dun Modr. To distract himself, the old Dwarf lazily perused the written records of Mountain Guard legends. Powerful warriors. Impressive marksmen. Mythic sorcerers. All what Thaugrim had expected to see. What caught his eye, however, was the record of Loremaster Hragli Runeforge. Tales were told of how the snowbeard had been the chief advisor to the mighty Thane Grungnir Orcbane, how his wisdom proved invaluable to the Dwarves and how he had been a special part of the family's heart. He spent the entire night reading of Hragli's great deeds and would spend the rest of his days in the Vanguard hoping to live up to a Bronzebeard Dwarf who became his silent mentor.

On the 9th anniversary of The Dwarven Vanguard's founding, Thaugrim was approached by a mysterious wanderer wearing all white. It became apparent that this ancient Dwarf was in fact incorporeal, one of the Dwarves' blessed ancestors. When Anvilrage realized to whom he was speaking he had to excuse himself. Being in the presence of Hragli's spirit was simply too much at the time. Later in the evening, through Drarin Thundersteel, Hragli bestowed a gift upon Thaugrim - his badge. This mithril ornament bore the symbol of The Mountain Guard and was to be held by the Loremaster and chief advisor. It is now affixed to the Holy Tome Thaugrim keeps on his hip, where it shall remain forevermore.

Forging Ceremony Edit

On April the 5th, 40 LCE Thaugrim held his forging ceremony in Shadowforge City.

The Forging Ceremony is a sacred Vanguard tradition in which kinsmen create for their shield-siblings a custom piece. For Warbrands who are to be Ironguard, the Forging Ceremony is a rite of passage - a sign of trust shared between friends and a promise of loyalty.


Mazn Frungnar, forged at The Black Anvil by Drarin (left) and Burainn (right)

His weapon was forged by Captain Drarin Thundersteel and Ironguard Burainn Trueforge. Together they crafted a one handed mace atop The Black Anvil - Drarin being one of if not the first outsider to ever strike it. Burainn crafted the head of the weapon out of Dark Iron and Drarin crafted the haft and hilt of Truesilver. Dark Iron smithing is a notoriously guarded art, and having it at the helm of his hammer is symbolic of Thaugrim's love for his recovering people. Truesteel is praised among Paladins for the way the Holy Light interacts with it. It seems to hold enchantments well and does not rust easily. This piece of the weapon was Thaugrim's show of piety. Warbrand Khudaal Silverbelt wrapped the hammer in leather given by the Wildhammer shaman of Thundermar. Thaugrim had coordinated efforts to save the elders months back and having a token of their trust seal his weapon fit the ceremony perfectly.

Burainn named his weapon Mazn Frungnar - The Fist of the Pious.

Lieutenancy Edit

On April the 18th, in the 40th year of the Lotharian Calendar Vanir Honibelle Brightslate promoted Thaugrim to Lieutenant of the Medical Division.

This came with the completion of his seven trials of progression, and he was awarded the title Magna - the Dwarven equivalent of a knighthood.

The Grand Alliance Medical Association Edit

As Thaugrim served in the Vanguard he increasingly came into contact with the military forces of other Alliance nations. Serving as a medic in several major campaigns, he treated fighters from all nations and developed a deep respect for them. From other healers he learned, remaining humble and improving his craft.


Thaugrim and Tiana, the two Directors of The Grand Alliance Medical Association

One of these healers was the esteemed Dr. Tiana Davenport. Tiana was one the best known medical personnel throughout the Grand Alliance, and often partnered with Thaugrim for critical treatments. Trust developed quickly, and the two became close friends. In time, Tiana revealed that she had been leading a community open to all nations where healers could share their craft and discuss prudent issues. Thaugrim volunteered to help lead the organization and together the pair crafted the modern inception of The Grand Alliance Medical Association. Upon Tiana's retirement, Thaugrim assumed the mantle of Director, which he holds to this day.

G.A.M.A.'s base of operations is the Twin Ram's clinic, in Elwynn Forest. Thaugrim spends most of his time there, treating patients and coordinating medical efforts throughout the Alliance. The balance of his time is put into his Vanguard duties in Khaz Modan.


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