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The Blackwater Company


  • Jerard DeSirrus
  • Persefani DeSirrus


Trading / Merchant / Pirate


Heavy Role-Play



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The Blackwater Company

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The Blackwater Company





Nothing Easy is Worth Doing


Jerard DeSirrus created The Blackwater Company over 16 years ago after serving a short amount apart of the Blackwater Raiders. ((Formed in Vanilla))

The Blackwater Company was formed as a mercenary and trading company with some strong ties to a darker side of business. As the company grew it began to acquire ships from the Kul Tiran people being a group that was not limited by Alliance rules. The company was founded on the belief that anyone can turn opportunity into business from dockworkers to mercenaries.

With the ever changing times, all companies must re-evaluate. This was no different with The Blackwater Company. When discussed the idea of reforging the business, the talk brought forth a new fire of life within the crew of the ships in the fold of Blackwater. Today; reforged, renewed, and reinvested shortly describe the air that surrounds the business today under The Blackwater Company as the owner Jerard is joined by a former founder Persefani, now made co-owner.  They work together to bring about new trade and commerce opportunities to those interested along with a number of third party logistics offerings for the right amount of gold.

Welcoming any with a need for opportunity, change, and coin the business is ever growing.


  • Company Rules
  • Capped guild, we will never be hundreds of accounts large.
    • We cap out fifty accounts to keep a ratio of 10:1 between accounts and leadership.
  • We require both the player and characters to be 18+
  • Discord is a requirement
  • Characters should be at least level 35
  • Event Locations
  • Event Rules
  • Suggested Addons

Company Ranks

  1. Co-Owner – GM  
  2. Co-Owner – GM  
  3. Company Officer – Officers of the Guilds  
  4. Ship Captain – Employees that have been assigned a ship.  
  5. Privateer – Procurement, Escorts, Bounties, Search & Rescue  
  6. Journeyman – Leg Work, Advertising, Research, Healing (less combative)  
  7. Coin Guard – Brutes, Monster Hunters, Security, Collection  
  8. Scallywag – Undecided, Dealer, Go-to-Shady, Blackmarket  
  9. Green Blood – New employees awaiting assignment  
  10. Landlubber – This OOC members or temporary holding for IC information

Roles 8 through 5 are the same 'hierarchy' but visually limited due to game mechanics.