The First Regiment
Defenders of the Realm

Guild Leader

Maxen Montclair (Armory)


Ismond Laldere (Armory)
Roy Sebale (Armory)
Thomas Reignsford (Armory)
Clarissa Greystone (Armory)
Tilliea Furlbrow (Armory)
Kimberly Montclair (Armory)

Guild Type



Lawful Good


February 4, 2010

Guild Armory

The First Regiment

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The First Regiment of the Elwynn Brigade is one of the most prestigious units of the Stormwind Army - having fought in nearly every war and field of battle in contemporary Azeroth. The regiment has historically been manned by men-at-arms from the Duchy of Westridge and is presently commanded by the Duke of Westridge, Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair. The unit maintains positive relations with the subjects of the Kingdom of Stormwind and is well-known throughout the Grand Alliance.

Tis' easy to bear arms and armor and carry out acts deemed necessary by your betters. The narrow path of bearing them only for the right and the good, however, is seldom followed. War upon us, the path grows narrower still. Fathers, sons, mothers and daughters stand beneath banners torn, their blood sought by those who will stop at nothing to dominate this world.

We are our king's hand in this time of darkness, bound to his will and tempered by his mercy. Guided by the Light's virtues three, our charge is clear - we shall protect the innocent and exact just retribution upon those who would threaten our mighty people. We are the next generation of heroes. Let us stride in our forefathers' footsteps.

–Lord Maxen Montclair

In service to the king, we ride and sing. The armsman's charge we bear. Under banners blue, our motives true, we fight for values fair.

–An Unknown Soldier


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