The Granite Campaign
180px-Alterac Granite
Conflict: The Granite Campaign
Date: 38 L.C - 39 L.C
Place: Alterac Mountains
Outcome: The Citrine Eagle Victory

The Citrine Eagle


Commanders and Leaders:

Toderick Stoneward

Executor Gerard


The Citrine Eagle

Deathguard and Deathstalkers

Casualties and Losses:



The Granite Campaign was conflict within the Alterac Mountains over control of the mountains rich Alterac Granite resources. The Thonbridge Company, an asset of the Stoneward Group conglomerate, is responsible for the Citrine Eagle's mining operations in the Alterac Mountains. Initially coming under attack from an increased presence of Alterac Syndicate raiding shipment caravans, Lord Toderick Stoneward was dispatched into the countryside to quell the threat to the Citrine Eagle's finances. However, the Forsaken to interest in the valuable Alterac Granite as well, resulting in a prolonged military campaign.

Syndicate Edit

In the late summer of 38 L.C, numerous Alterac Granite shipments were intercepted by Alterac Syndicate. Lord Toderick Stoneward was stationed at Frozenpeak Mining Outpost to investigate and end the threat. However, the Syndicate ring proved to be far more capable than expected. After gathering intelligence, it was revealed that the ring was comprised of elite former Syndicate officers who had dissented from the majority of the organization's remnants.

After numerous failed attempts to locate, bait, and attack the criminals through traditional peacekeeping tactics, Lord Stoneward turned to Lieutenant Allse Kerringer to infiltrate and take down the ring.

However, Lieutenant Kerringer perished in service to the Citrine Eagle on another mission. The Forsaken had been defeated at this point, thus, Lord Stoneward decided to try and wait out the Syndicate ring. His patience proved helpful as eventually the Syndicate main stash of gold was located. A strike force of the Icewing Brigade infiltrators was dispatched, recovering the gold from the stolen granite shipments. The Syndicate Ring remains at large, however since the bust their efforts stopped.

Forsaken Edit

As the Citrine Eagle continued to investigate the trail of the stolen granite, the Forsaken noted the uptick of Grand Alliance presence in the region. After assaulting the Citrine Eagle in the middle of an investigation, this became a personal interest of the campaign's commanding officer, Lord Toderick Stoneward.

Leading numerous raids against known Forsaken encampments in this region of the Alterac Mountains, thus far, Lord Stoneward successfully cut off their saltpeter supply for gunpowder and slayed one of their commanding officers, however the Forsaken presence was far from defeated.

Weeks later, the Icewing Brigade under the command of the Lord Toderick Stoneward detonated an avalanche across a mountain pass in the north western Alterac Mountains. The avalanche blocked the primary route for Forsaken Plague Weapons into the Alterac Mountains for a long time and ended the Forsaken interest in Alterac Granite.

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