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The Industrialist Battalion
Battle flag of the Industrialist Battalion


City State of Alterac


Alterac Industrial forces


Police and Frontline




Barenland, Alterac


Alexander Haddinkov-Commander
Dasderos Vasiliev-Colonel


The industrial Battalion or the Industrial battalion of Alterac is a separatist military organization that seeks to rid Alterac of Alliance influence Under oath of Kormed Wolfheart.

Primary goals

The primary goal of the industrial brigade is to assist Kormed Wolfheart into uniting and industrializing the nation of Alterac. In order to do this is to rid of all foreign influence and bring back sovereignty to Alterac itself.

The Battalion's Oath

Under this banner in which I carry. I carry the burden of our motherland, its people and its sovereignty. No other nation or kingdom I will cooperate with, my nation is the only one worth saving and preserving. Enemies of my motherland are to be shown no mercy or quarter with us present. For they shall be seen as a disease to wipe clean from the motherland. As I take this oath if defeat were to happen there is no return for me. Victory or death, glory to our only motherland!

Weapons and Uniforms

Weapons are designed to help Alterac reach its cause. With a industrial influence uniforms are a little different and riflemen are more common than anyone with a sword.

Rifle: Infantry gets a one shot 9mm rolling block rifle.  Higher ranks and partisan troops get a lever action rifle with 14 rounds. Officers and Cavalrymen receive sabres and 45 caliber revolvers.

The Brigade uniform of the Riflemen.

ARG: ARG stands for Alteraci Revolving Gun, it has a crew of two trained soldiers that fire 200 rounds per minute at 1200 yards.

Cannons: Cannons are manned by three crew members these cannons can range up to 10 pounders to 300 pounders. Each cannon is rifled with grooves on the inside, have breech loading capabilities to load paper cartridges.

Rocket artillery: This artillery requires a crew of four members. The artillery would be rockets loaded into tubes and be launched from tubes. Multiple rockets will be fired causing devastation. One rocket has 2 liters of liquid nitroglycerin making one rocket impact to make  a blast radius of 22 yards. The amount of rockets to be launched in a sequence would be 12.

Uniform: It is simple, each soldier has a black kepi hat, a black sack coat with their rank insignia and their battalion’s insignia, Navy blue trousers along with black shoes.