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The Sepulcher (also known as the Silverpine Sepulcher), as its name suggests, was once nothing more than a graveyard along the road crossing Silverpine Forest. Since the end of the Third War, however, the enterprising Forsaken had converted the old crypt into their base of operations in Silverpine. With the Worgen to the south, the Scourge to the east, and the forces of Kirin Tor to the southeast, it was one of the only places of safety for Horde adventurers in the entire zone.

The area itself lies above the Lordaeron coastline nestled within the surrounding hills. The settlement was nothing more than a large graveyard and string of expeditionary caravans and individuals.


The small house located here has recently been replaced by two larger, Forsaken-style buildings and the cemetery surrounding the Sepulcher has increased dramatically in size. Many of the NPCs previously located outside have been moved inside the new buildings, although many faces both old and new reside outside among the graves.

During the quest Lordaeron, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner will escort players from Forsaken High Command to the Sepulcher and explain the lore behind her dealings with Arthas Menethil and subsequently the Gilneas Liberation Front. Following this quest, the area is phased, with Sylvanas, her Val'kyr, Admiral Hatchet and Warlord Torok (formerly at the Forsaken Rear Guard), and High Warlord Cromush stationed here.

Battle for Azeroth

During the Blood War, Horde reinforcements from the Sepulcher marched toward Tirisfal Glades under High Executor Hadrec. Alliance champions were sent to halt their advance.

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