Template:Infobox locationThe Southern Watch is a guard tower that lies just beyond the Forgotten Passage leading into Northgarde from the Western Province.

It was the first location discovered by the League of Lordaeron when it fled into the region, and has since been restored to minor operational capacity.

It serves as a menial watch-post for all traffic incoming from the south.

History Edit

The Southern Watch served as a weigh-station for shipments of goods in and out of Northgarde. The small detachment of professional guards that occupied the post dealt with common issues such as contraband smuggling and failures to register cargo of various types.

When the Plague of Undeath began to spread throughout Lordaeron, the soldiers at this posting were the first to fall prey, as the plagued grain made its way north. When Prince Arthas returned to Lordaeron from Northrend, he did not pay any mind to this site, leaving it untouched like the ruined guard towers throughout the Plaguelands.

Present Day Edit

Rebuilt to a certain degree, the tower has resumed its function as an early-warning posting for Northgarde Anchorage, alerting League forces to threats moving from the south. It is the first legitimate line of defense against any invading force.

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