Template:Infobox locationThe Verdant Plain is a valley tucked into the mountains that separate Northgarde from Hearthglen in the Western Plaguelands. It is the only arable land in all of Northgarde, making it a vital location for the sake of the population of the land it serves.

While it never produced enough food to export, the family-owned farms on the plains managed to feed the village of Eltham without issue.

Since the League of Lordaeron's return to the region, the Verdant Plain became a staging point for the Forsaken invasion of Northgarde, who burned acres upon acres of land to the ground.

History Edit

During the reign of Terenas Menethil II, The Verdant Plain occupied nearly no importance in the eyes of Lordaeronians. Merely a valley large enough to house three family-owned farms, the region produced dairy and wheat products, as well as vegetables and fruits of different varieties. Livestock was scarce, and therefore no meat was slaughtered at any of the farms.

What the farms did produce went primarily to feeding the small village of Eltham and its denizens. This allowed Eltham the financial freedom from relying on goods from outside of Northgarde, and was one of the primary reasons why the region succumbed less to the Plague of Undeath as it ravaged Lordaeron.

Present Day Edit

What was once a lush valley of green rolling hills and plains now resembles a wasteland. Long after the League of Lordaeron discovered and repopulated the region, the Forsaken learned of their presence and launched a series of surprise invasions into Northgarde. Unprepared and incapable of mounting a quick enough defense, a massive Forsaken ground army led by the High Deathstalker Davil Ghez burned the valley to ash, and used it as a forward operating base to launch its strikes into Northgarde proper.

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After the Forsaken revealed themselves, they burned the entire valley. What's left is ash and rock.

While the invasion was defeated, the land itself will take time to recover from the abuse and damage it took. Forsaken structures still dot the landscape, and the ash laying atop the soil prevents new life from sprouting from beneath.

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