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The Third Fleet of the Kul Tiras Navy


Captain Derek Proudmoore
Marshal M. Valentine


Kingdom of Kul Tiras

Alliance of Lordaeron


LAS Pride of Tiragarde (flagship)
LAS Fathomndasher
LAS Songswallow
LAS Gale's Reprieve
LAS Drustvaria
LAS Intrepid
LAS Wave Mistress
LAS Flying Osprey

Home Port



Destroyed ; Ships sunk along the coast of Khaz Modan and in the Great Sea

The Third Fleet of Kul Tiras, also known as the "Lost Fleet" or the "Doomed Fleet", were a fleet of Kul Tirian ships under the command of Captain Derek Proudmoore, with a Marine Corps battalion under the command of Marshal M. Valentine. It was destroyed by Dragonmaw-controlled red dragons in the Great Sea and along the coast of the Wetlands during the Second War while carrying a cursed artifact known as the Eye of Paleth. The artifact cursed the ship's crews with undeath.

The Third Fleet in the aftermath of the Dragonmaw assault.


Pride of Tiragarde

The Pride of Tiragarde was the flagship of the Third Fleet, captained by Derek Proudmoore.



Gale's Reprieve


Wave Mistress

The Wave Mistress was one of the first ships to be sunk. The only known surviving member of the crew was the ship's First Mate, Fitzsimmons, although he died some years after the Fleet's destruction, having drank himself to death.


Under the command of Captain Halyndor, the Intrepid was one of the many ships accompanying the Third Fleet. Aboard the Intrepid was the Eye of Paleth, a cursed artefact that caused the crewmembers of the nearby ships to roam as insane undead, the only sane crewmember being the ship's First Mate, Snellig.

Flying Osprey

A Thalassian ship, the Flying Osprey was carrying a large shipment of Lightforge Iron destined for Alliance troops, joining the Fleet for protection. Unlike the others, it was sunk near Menethil Harbor. Murlocs currently occupy the ship's wreckage.

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