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Thomas Blackwold
Ex-Captain of the Wailing Widow, Midshipman of the Tenth Fleet




Kul Tiran




Captain (former)

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Kul Tiras

Soldier's got nothing but his duty and his favorite pub.

Midshipman Thomas Blackwold is a veteran militant from the kingdom of Kul Tiras. He has served for most of his life, spending 4 years with the Kul Tiras Marine Corps in his youth, and then joining the Kul Tiras Navy after finishing his service with the marines. Years spent in the graces of the Admiralty has accustomed the man to a life of adventure and service. Though Thomas has endured the typical tragedies of a lifetime soldier, he maintains a reputation for being a beacon of morale for his comrades.


Early Life

Thomas Blackwold was born in the heart of Boralus, in the thicket of Mariner's Row. His father, a retired Proudmoore marine, worked as a dockworker for extra coin. His mother was a fishmonger, and he lived in closely engrossed with the throng of the city. For this, he grew accustomed to the Kul Tiran way of life, and infatuated with the sea.

His parents both passed, leaving himself and his brother, Edward, to fend for themselves in their teenage years. Whereas Edward took to the seas aboard a merchant ship -- and was never to be seen again --, Thomas sought the comforts of the Admiralty herself.

Military Service

At the age of 17, Tom enlisted with the Proudmoore Marines and served four years as an infantryman. His time here was beneficial in setting the standards for a future of militant service, but the allure of armor and pikes did little to sway his desire for the open ocean.

Once properly finished with his stint in the marines, Blackwold enlisted as a cadet in the Proudmoore Academy. Spending his years under the tutelage of the world's finest navy, Thomas ascended ranks due to his fervor and courage in the face of battle. Not only did he fight bravely in the Battle of Crestfall during the Second War, but served throughout the Third War as well.

For Thomas' efforts and undying devotion, he was appointed the command of the L.A.S. Wailing Widow, which he sailed throughout the Fourth War. He was among the many ships that joined on the Battle of Dazar'alor. However, with the opening of Nazjatar and the sinking of so many Kul Tiran ships, he lost his ship and much of his crew. He returned to Boralus to mend and serve as an instructor for the Academy.

Recently, Thomas has taken a dip in rank for the sake of returning to action. Enlisting in the Kul Tiras Tenth Fleet as a Midshipman, he has returned to his life of action and naval fare.


Thomas boasts no grandeur love life, nor has he ever had much a mind towards it. Often, the man can be heard lamenting of some unknown love that had left him for "some posh bloke outta Stormwind", but never a name is given, nor details therein. Instead, Tom finds himself relishing in his personal friendships, and takes pride in these as testaments to his own character.

Awards and Commendations

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  • Thomas is an exceptional woodcrafter, and is rarely seen without his intricate sailor's pipe.
  • Despite his hulking stature today, Thomas was once lean and lanky. He attributes his growth to a steady diet of proteins and drinking his signature 'Anchor Arms' shake.
  • Unknown to Thomas, his brother was the Dread Pirate Blackmore, a buccaneer and practitioner of Drust magic. He has been presumed dead.
  • Thomas graduated from the Academy with the highest marks in his class, though this is little known to those outside of the institution.
  • Though he is strongly adherent to the Faith of the Tides, he has been known to be overtly superstitious otherwise, often marking himself against 'bad luck' or other omens.