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Thoradin I, Unifier of Humanity








Descendants formed the House of Lothar.


King of the Kingdom of Arathor
Ruler of Strom


Kingdom of Arathor




Ignaeus Trollbane (battle brother)
Lordain (battle-brother)
Unknown, Descendants found in the Houses of Lothar.

Thoradin (Also known as Thoradin Lothar in some accounts.) was the leader of the Arathi tribe of humans. He led them to unify the various human tribes into the great Kingdom of Arathor, the predecessor of the Empire of Arathor, founded the capital of Strom, and forged an alliance with the high elves in the Troll Wars.  A huge wall between the Arathi Highlands and Hillsbrad has been either named in his memory or built by himself or one of his descendants bearing the same name. His personal sigil was a red clenched fist. This banner was later incorporated into the banner of the Kingdom of Stromgarde, though the tabards bear the sigil of the House of Trollbane.

His descendants later left to form the Kingdom of Azeroth in the south. With Thoradin's bloodline departed, leadership of Arathor fell out of the bloodline of Thoradin and into the bloodline of Ignaeus Trollbane, a famous warrior and commander and Thoradin's right hand. This was done so under the Kingdom of Stromgarde, as by the time the Trollbanes came into power, the empire had collapsed.

He was known to wield a massive greatsword by the name of Stromkar, the Warbreaker. A vrykul greatsword, the blade was passed down to Thoradin and later, as a reward for his efforts in the Troll Wars, was empowered by the elves. With its immense strength, fabled to defeat any foe, it was granted the title Warbreaker, but also to show the immense strength of humanity. It is unknown what happened to the blade, though legends claim it was lost when the great emperor set off on a quest to slay a massive beast under what would become Lordaeron. What is known is that Thoradin disappeared after setting off on a great quest, supposedly sent to him by the gods themselves. Having abdicated his crown to his successor, the great warrior disappeared, never to be seen again. Along with Stromkar, his body was never recovered. His descendants would eventually expand his kingdom far, turning it into the first human empire.

Ruler of Strom
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