Thoradine Calendar: A Timeline

(A work in progress)

Counting from the unification of Arathor under its first King, Thoradin, the Thoradine Calendar begins in 2770 PC and, though falling out of favour with some of the newly-founded Seven Kingdoms, was used by the Church from its foundation. It eventually came to be standard throughout the Seven Kingdoms until the fall of Lordaeron.

A.D. stands for A'no Dominaeum, or 'In The Year of [Arathi] Rule'. Note that this comes from the Church, which used Humanised Thalassian for all official writings; the original nomenclature would have been in Old Arathi.

This timeline shall serve as an index for events pertaining directly to the Arathorian Empire, Church of the Holy Light and the Kingdom of Stromgarde, beginning with the unification of Arathor under its first King in 2770 P.C. and continuing as time progresses in the World of Warcraft on Moon Guard server.

The Current year in the Thoradine Calendar is 2806 A.D. which is 38 L.C. in the common Lotharian Calendar.

Archbishop Benedictus (2789 A.D. - 2799 A.D.)Edit

Following the death of the beloved Archbishop Faol, a student of the late bishop is elected.  Jarl, the son of a wealthy Lordaeron merchant, takes on the name Benedictus and reigns as Archbishop in Stormwind for ten years.

Betrayal and Troubling Times (November, 2799 A.D. - Present)Edit

Archbishop Benedictus was revealed to be the Twilight Father and was soon after killed.  Struggle begins as the Council of Bishops considers who can take the Archbishop's throne and govern the Church in these troubling times.