Three Creedal Statements

The Three Creedal Statements are a set of Articles of Faith worn by ordained members of the Clergy of True Light. These Creedal Statements symbolise the priest's dedication to the Faith as well as a badge of office, displaying the priest's ordination.

The Statements

There are three Statements worn by ordained priests: A small dagger, a metal bracelet as well as the Sigil of Faol which is often worn around the neck.

COTLBraceletImages (7).jpg
A set of bracelets.


The metal bracelet worn by ordained members of the Clergy are a sign of their duties as a Sheppard of the People and that they are forever intertwined with the Light. No beginning nor end. It is usually worn on the right wrist, but can be worn on either - Some may choose to have a bracelet for each wrist.

This bracelet is very much a personal item as it is to be inscribed with a verse which resonates with the Priest. 

Additionally, the priest may choose which ever metal they wish for the bracelet to be created in, though many priests may choose a form of steel, iron or even more rarer metals if affordable. 
COTL Dagger2Images (5).jpg
One of the two popular dagger styles.


This dagger is not used in hate, but rather in service to the Light. This typically blunt knife is blessed by an ordained Priest (Usually the one overseeing the selected novice's ordination) and kept in a closed sheath. 

Should the dagger be used in any other scenario, such as self defence, the imbued Light within the dagger will provide a comforting resolve to the priest in the hopes that he or she will keep their control when in dangerous or stressful situations.

This item is usually only used during services or special events for various reasons and may come in a variety of styles, but most priests will wear a dagger of a similar style (As seen to the right).

Sigil of Faol.jpg

Sigil of Faol

The Sigil of Faol represents the Priest's dedication to the Light as well as faith in its teachings which have been written and preached by many Saints throughout the ages. The Sigil of Faol reminds them of the sacrifices those priests have done for the good of Azeroth and the Light itself and to also steady them should they require to make sacrifices for the Faith as well.

It is to be worn around either the neck of the priest or by a wrist. The Sigil is usually made of silver and gold, sometimes laced with small jewels if the priest is of a high enough salary. This is however, common tradition as a wooden Sigil is also accepted.

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