The Thyrin cult was founded by Theradin with the purpose of uniting the world under one grand banner. Their primary goal is to make the world strong enough to stand against the void, but unlike the Scourge they spare any living that work with them.

The Cult is currently in battle against the forces of N'zoth

Thyrin's Heart

Thyrin's Heart is the necromancer sect of the order. They are generally used by the order in sieges and resurrecting the undead. When their enemy refuses to stand down, the Thyrin's Heart involves themselves in the conflict by raising undead from corpse wagons and commanding them against the enemy. Thyrin's Heart is well respected within the cult and headed by Mistress Lorna Blackwall.

Secondary Leaders: Father Alexius, Mother Vivian

Thyrin's Body

Thyrin's body is the common milita of the order. They are commanded ultimately by Theradin but they are marshaled by General Randolph. Thyrin's Body mainly consists of rank and file soldiers that are either living or undead.

Thyrin's Mind

Thyrin's mind are the disciples of Theradin himself. They are chosen by Theradin to serve him as advisers, tacticians and as students of advanced techniques. Lorna Blackwall, Father Alexius and Mother Vivian are all part of Thyrin's Mind.

Skullhidder Clan

The Skullhidder clan are an orchish clan of former Shadow Council members who escaped the Old Horde after the first war. Hunted down by House Blackwall for generations, the Skullhidder clan were ultimately united with their long-time enemy by Theradin himself.

Leader: Chieftain Gorlog Skullhidder

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