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Tiragarde Keep is a naval fortification that was originally built and manned by the Kul Tiras Navy shortly after the end of the Third War. Sporting thick walls and a mighty inner keep, Tiragarde stood for several years as a safe haven for members of the Alliance in Kalimdor.

Tiragarde was one of the coastal forts established by Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore during his invasion of Durotar. Though Lord Admiral Proudmoore was killed at Theramore, he left orders for his subordinates to maintain the keep and the battle with the orcs until they were defeated, and a year after his death the forces of Lieutenant Benedict landed on the shores of Durotar, re-establishing Tiragarde Keep under himself and Watch Commander Zalaphil while Lieutenant Alverold's expeditionary fleet explored the new continent of Kalimdor.

Tiragarde Keep prior to falling in disrepair.

The rise of the New Horde in Durotar following the battle of Theramore was taken with hostility by Tiragarde's defenders. For several years during the Cold War, the forces of the Kingdom of Kul Tiras launched successive attacks upon Orcish forces from the keep, though no tangible ground was ever gained.

Tiragarde met its destruction by a tidal wave wrought by the Cataclysm in 30 L.C., killing nearly all Kul Tiran inhabitants and forcing the Kul Tiras Navy to withdraw. The fortress was later recaptured by a detachment of Theramore marines of the Northwatch Expeditionary Force led by Lieutenant Palliter and Sergeant Curtis, though they too failed to gain much ground in the region, and they suffered from supply shortages after the Bombing of Theramore.

During the Blood War, Alliance forces under Keep Watcher Kerry reinforced Tiragarde Keep as they attempted to rebuild the keep and salvage whatever they could from it that could help them re-establish the fort.

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