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The Titans (aka the Makers, The Travelers, or The Great Ones) are a race of extremely powerful beings. Many thousands of years ago, before the rise of civilization on Azeroth, a group of Titans known as the Pantheon traveled across the Great Dark creating order from chaos as they searched for more of their own kind to bring forth from their nascent states.

Titans, unlike other mortal creatures are not born in the same way that other creatures are created. Rather, they are formed originally as nascent World Souls which with time and nurturing, eventually evolve into Titans, each with their own abilities and personalities. Because they are formed from nascent world souls, it is impossible to know just how many Titans exist in the Great Dark.

Despite their great power and strength, Titans can be killed by beings of equal or greater power than themselves. Such was the fate of the Titan Pantheon when they attempted to stop one of their own who had become corrupted by fel energies and madness.

Known Titans