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Titanic Watchers
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Titanic Watchers are the first successful generation of Titanforged created by the Titans to combat the Black Empire. Sturdy and intelligent, these mighty beings are the only creatures on Azeroth today with a first hand account of the Black Empire and its fall. Titanic Watchers were created in the image of the Titans themselves and resemble giant humanoid statues created from Stone or Iron.


Watchers possess the same general humanoid look that many of the Titanforged share. They generally stand at about 20 feet tall, with carved clothing upon their frames that moves with them as if it were cloth. There are two classification of Watchers, Aesir and Vanir. Storm and Earth Giants. Aesir possess skin of metal and wield the power of the storm, whereas Vanir possess skin of stone and wield the power of the earth.


Titanic Watchers are something of a dying breed. Their creators left Azeroth long ago and possess no means to create more of them. Every Titanic Watcher on Azeroth today has been performing his or her set duties since life on Azeroth began, making them solitary creatures. Despite their charges, Watchers are not mindless automatons. They are capable of forming opinions of their own and have been known to debate when enough of them congregate in a single area. Some Watchers even prefer a life of adventure and spend their days roaming the wilderness far from mortal civilization. The greatest of the Watchers are known as the Titan Keepers. Nine Watchers who were gifted with superior intelligence and might beyond understanding directly by their Creators. These nine serve as the leaders of their race as a whole, though in practice Watchers mostly tend to their own affairs.

Not all Titanic Watchers are of the same level of intelligence however. While the military leaders of the Titanforged were gifted with intelligence to coordinate against the Black Empire, others seem to have been made with more mundane tasks in mind, such as basic maintenance or overseeing a Titan Facility. These Watchers have a tendency to act more robotically than some of their brethren.

Recently, the extremist uncursed Titanforged Tol'vir known as 'Amathet' have been recorded as having accessed a working Titan Forge, and to have created their own Watchers. These beings are described by other Tol'vir as 'Abominations.'