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Toderick Stoneward
A portrait of the Earl in his military regalia


IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Afflicted Human
Gilneas 15.png Gilnean


1096 F.A
County of Corvric


Magistrate of Gilneas (Ret.)
Earl of Corvric
High Commander of the Stoneward Brigade (Ret.)
Stormtalon Senior Officer
Partner of the Stoneward Group


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance
GilneasBorderIcon.png Kingdom of Gilneas
Stoneward sigil.png House of Stoneward
Alterac Flag.png Kingdom of Alterac
Alterac Flag.png The Citrine Eagle


House of Stoneward Sigil.png House of Stoneward


See Relatives

Roderick Stoneward (Father)
Eleanor Stoneward (Mother)
Lionel Stoneward (Uncle)
Rose Knightsport (Cousin)
Cedrick Stoneward (Son)
Nederick Stoneward (Son)
Geoffrick Stoneward (Brother)
Joanna Stoneward (Sister In-Law)
Kerwin Stoneward II (Nephew)
Katelyn Stoneward (Niece)
Arthur Stoneward III (Nephew)

Maxine Stoneward (Sister)†


Vrykul Faith


Private Tutoring
Royal Military College of Gilneas
Magistrate License


Lord Stoneward
Old Crow

Military Service


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance


GilneasBorderIcon.png Gilnean Army
Alterac Icon.png The Citrine Eagle
Stormtalonicon.png Stormtalon Confederation

Years of Service

1114 FA - 1117 FA, 1148-1149 FA
36 LC - Present


Gilnean High Commander.png High Commander (Ret.)
SergeantSC.png First Lieutenant (Ret.)
Stormtalon Rank5.png Senior Officer


See Battles

GilneasBorderIcon.png Manders Rebellion
GilneasBorderIcon.png Reclamation of Corvric
Alterac Icon.png Knights of Perenolde Campaign Alterac Icon.png The Fall of Stromgarde
GilneasBorderIcon.png Gilnean Campaign of Stormheim
GilneasBorderIcon.png Beckett Uprising
Alterac Icon.png The Granite Campaign


Wit is a Weapon.

Lord Toderick Ian Stoneward is an affluent Gilnean aristocrat, business magnate, and retired military officer. He is also a prominent figure in the defunct Kingdom of Alterac due to his recent activity in the region in both political and military capacities. Presently, Toderick holds the positions of the 38th Earl of Corvric, Senior Officer of the Stormtalon Confederation, and a Partner of the Stoneward Group.

History Abridged

Toderick Stoneward was born the eldest son of the rising House of Stoneward in the south of the Kingdom of Gilneas. Toderick was raised to be an aristocrat and military officer. After attending the Royal Military College of Gilneas, Toderick became a commissioned officer in the Gilnean Army, rising to the rank of Captain. A terrible accident and doctor's misjudgment, left Toderick's left knee crippled and ended his promising military career. Toderick stood firm in the face of his injury and pursued a career in Law. He started a family and had a remarkable career as a barrister.

Years later, the Northgate Rebellion erupted and shook Toderick's world. Over the course of the rebellion, Toderick lost his wife, eldest son, and father. Toderick first lost his son in battle and his mother and father in a terrorist attack. Toderick slipped into despair as he inherited the duties of lordship. A dark period of alcoholism after the Northgate Rebellion brought Toderick low. Toderick eventually recovered from the tragedy with the support of his brother. The Curse of the Worgen and the following crisis forever changed Toderick. Besides being among the aristocracy to be afflicted with the Curse, Toderick learned how to lead in times of crisis.

After the Gilnean exodus, Toderick and most of his family moved to Stormwind City, residing at the Stoneward Estate. While living as a refugee in Stormwind City, Toderick acquired business experience in order to sustain his luxurious lifestyle. After a three year stint in business, Toderick yearned for anywhere besides Stormwind. Toderick learned of the City State of Alterac and became an advisor to the leader. Toderick's experience and wisdom caused him to quickly attain political power in the City State, becoming the second highest political official. After a couple of short years filled with political intrigue and crisis, Toderick orchestrated the downfall of the City State through the power of the courts. After a half hearted attempt of a new Alteraci government of his design, Toderick left to reclaim the County of Corvric. After initiating the reclamation of Corvric, Toderick returned to Alterac for both the cause he believed in and the profits of the alterac granite trade, which he had resumed.

Toderick served as a military officer within the Citrine Eagle, later having his no longer permanent knee injury corrected. Toderick was able to serve in battle once again. After initially combating the Iron Horde on Azeroth, Toderick remained in Alterac to defend against domestic threats. When the Burning Legion returned, Toderick fought with the Citrine Eagle on the Broken Shore and with the Gilnean Army in Stormheim. Shortly before the Blood War, Toderick was captured by Forsaken and lost a hand after attempting to escape. Toderick eventually did escape and has recently found a functional prosthetic after a chance meeting with a Lightforged Dwarf. Afterwards, he spent a year establishing the Stoneward Group and it's subsidiaries in Boralus.


Toderick emulates the ideal Gilnean aristocrat. He often insists on being properly addressed and usually treats others, except children and close friends, the same. Toderick is assertive and proud, although he can be humorous and kind to his peers. Regardless, Toderick is polite to everyone who does him the same courtesy.

Toderick often hides his vulnerabilities and insecurities, ignoring his period of despair. He deals with his internal problems pragmatically, such as refusing to drink alcohol.

Toderick applies this pragmatism to much of his personality, often acting as a voice of reason and caution. Toderick truly believes his House motto "Wit is a Weapon." and applies it in his life.

Toderick embraces his Gilnean nationality and it is apparent in his speech and often his attire. Toderick speaks with a thick aristocratic Gilnean accent and if that is not enough, he often wears his nation's tabard. Toderick is an ardent loyalist and patriot of King Genn Greymane.

Toderick's Past


Toderick was born and raised under the impression he would day be a prominent nobleman and military officer of the Kingdom of Gilneas. Born the year of King Genn Greymane's coronation, Toderick was the firstborn child of Lord Roderick Stoneward and Lady Eleanor Stoneward. Held to the highest standards of behavior and etiquette throughout his childhood, Toderick was instilled at an early age the importance of maintaining appearances.

Toderick had two younger siblings, a younger brother and younger sister. His brother, Geoffrick Stoneward had a similar upbringing but resulted in becoming more short-tempered and belligerent by nature as second sons are prone to jealousy. Whereas his sister, Maxine, the youngest child of the Stonewards was more shy and quiet.

Toderick's childhood experienced little hardship as he was raised in luxury at Castle Stoneward in the Gilnean countryside. Toderick spent his days learning of all it meant to be lord as he grew up in the Gilnean countryside within his family's ancestral lands, the County of Corvric. Toderick grew up with an affinity for the country, often riding through the woods and rolling hills.

His family also saw to it that Toderick was well traveled and familiar with the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms. Throughout his childhood Toderick visited Lordaeron City, Alterac City, Boralus, Ironforge, and Stormwind City.

From the age of twelve, Toderick underwent combat training similar to many children of nobility with aspirations in the military. At the age of fourteen, Toderick enrolled in the Royal Military College of Gilneas to receive a formal education in matters of war. Toderick's mentor throughout his education was a retired High Commander of the Gilnean Army, Reginald Locke. Reginald Locke was once an esteemed military commander within the Kingdom of Gilneas and played a large part in organizing the industrialization of the Gilnean Army during the reign of King Archibald Greymane. Reginald Locke taught Toderick how to fight and think like a military tactician.

Another mentor of Toderick's youth was Baron Aeron Ewan, vassal lord to his father Roderick Stoneward and Baron of Palehurst. The House of Ewan still practices the Old Ways and Lord Aeron showed young Toderick his people's way of life. Toderick never fully embraced this minority culture of Gilneas, although he is quite familiar with it. On a summer break from the Royal Military College, Toderick went riding with Lord Aeron through the Vale of Hollow.

The Vale is a small craggy pass that leads to Ewan Keep and has never been crossed by an enemy army. This is part in due to the natural danger of the Vale where the Old Ways magic is said to be stronger and beasts such as wolves and mountain lions prowl. The retainers of the House of Ewan are said to know this terrain very well and are capable of making it near impossible to breach through.

On this summer ride, a mountain lion attacked the two riders on their journey. The mountain lion lunged at Lord Aeron, throwing him off his horse. Toderick, fifteen years old, drew his blade and fought off the mountain lion. Lord Aeron sustained terrible injury but survived thanks to the healing magics of his people, the Wickermen. Toderick's quick thinking gained him the respect and loyalty of the Wickermen for saving their lord.

Early Adulthood

Upon his graduation from the Royal Military College of Gilneas, Toderick formally entered the ranks of the Gilnean Army as an ensign and later a Second Lieutenant. In the first year of his service, Toderick was fostered for command, serving as an aide to a high ranking officer in the Gilnean Army.

At the age of eighteen and a year into his service in the army, Toderick was called to quell a rebellion in his family's ancestral lands, the County of Corvric. The Baron of Torby, Erwin Manders reportedly took arms against his liege lord in order to take the entire county for himself, believing the Stoneward family had neglected the region. Toderick dealt with the rebellion swiftly and wisely. Knowing that Torby was the most prosperous baronies under the Stoneward domain at the time, Toderick could not inflict great harm upon the people or land. Thus Toderick disguised himself and a small group of men as commoners, entering Torby only to slaughter the guards and make their way to the keep to execute Baron Manders himself. Toderick was promoted to Lieutenant following his victory in Corvric.

Toderick remained within the Gilnean Army for three years after the Manders Rebellion until the First War had erupted in the south of Stormwind. Rumor had spread throughout the Human Kingdoms that there were no orcs and it was actually a rebellion of discontented commoners. Twenty-one years old at the wars outbreak, Lieutenant Toderick Stoneward did not think orcs had actually come to Azeroth. Toderick didn't actually care much for the war and instead focused on his military aspirations, rising to the rank of Captain within the Gilnean Army.


A year into the First War, a prison riot broke out in Stoneward Prison due to the harsh treatment of some inmates who were apart of an infamous gang. The Gilnean Army attempted to quell the uprising. Toderick, as the commanding officer, led the force of guards to subdue the prisoners. In the heat of the chaos, a prisoner attempted to pull rifle from the hands of a guard. During the struggle, the rifle discharged and the shot went through Toderick's left knee. Toderick fell to the cobblestone and quickly slipped into unconsciousness. He awoke days later unable to move his left leg. The doctor presiding over his wound informed him that his kneecap had been shattered.

Following his injury, Toderick remained bedridden for some time. However, the doctor eventually advised that Toderick could begin moving about with assistance from a cane. Yet, the doctor's suggestion was still too early and his kneecap did not properly heal, resulting in Toderick requiring the assistance of a cane for most of his life. Following this injury, Toderick was medically discharged from the Gilnean Army.

This miscalculation enraged Toderick, it had been bad enough he was injured, only he had expected he would eventually make a full recovery. Unable to pursue his military career, Toderick grew depressed and took to liquor for comfort. As Toderick was on the brink of descending into dangerous alcoholism, he received comfort from the advice of his dying grandfather, Lord Frederic Stoneward the man who had built the prestigious Stoneward Prison.

A Career in Law

Frederic reminded Toderick that all was not lost, he was a brilliant young man with a long life ahead of him. He reminded him there were other ways to serve his House. Thus, Frederic recommended Toderick pursue a career in Law as he had. Toderick took his grandfathers advice and cast aside liquor to begin as a barrister in the Gilnean court system.

During this time, the Second War erupted with the orcish invasion of Khaz Modan. Toderick, like the rest of the Gilneans, began to accept the existence of orcs and bitterly hated the creatures, yet opposed the formation of the Alliance of Lordaeron. Due to his hard line nationalistic beliefs, Toderick was fully confident that the Kingdom of Gilneas could withstand any Orcish invasion alone. When the Kingdom of Gilneas eventually joined the Alliance of Lordaeron, the then barrister was disappointed but remained loyal to the King. Toderick remained distant from the Second War but was pleased to hear that the Orcish Horde was defeated. The Stoneward family celebrated when the Kingdom of Gilneas withdrew from the Alliance of Lordaeron and the construction of the Greymane Wall began, viewing costly post-war expenses such as interment camps as a detriment to the kingdom.

At the age of twenty-nine Toderick had become a magistrate of Gilneas, a year after the end of the Second War. His clear talent and nobility status allowed him to move through this process rather quickly. Although, Toderick certainly wasn't the only magistrate and his name only took him so far, thus he presided over only a few cases in his earlier years. During this time, the aging Lord Roderick searched for a bride for his eldest son. Lord Roderick soon found Victoria Ashwin, the daughter of the successful businessman, Percy Ashwin. Although they were not of noble blood, Percy Ashwin had built an economic empire from his various merchant ships and factories. It was agreed that they would wed after six months of courtship. During their initial meeting, Toderick and Victoria were awkward with one another. They were both seemingly normal Gilnean aristocracy, save Toderick's crippling, but they quickly warmed up to another and made the best out of their situation.

By the time of their wedding, Toderick and Victoria had grown to better know each other and the year following their wedding, Victoria gave birth to their first child, Cedrick. They became a happy family, residing in a small palatial estate in Torby within the County of Corvric.

Three years later, Toderick and Victoria had their second and final child, another boy by the name of Nederick Stoneward. During the labor of Nederick, there were complications and sadly Victoria died during childbirth. This sent Toderick falling into depression once more. Only finding relief in liquor, Toderick grew distant from his two motherless sons, leaving them to the care of a governess at Castle Stoneward. During these years, Toderick neglected most of his magistrate duties and spent much of his time drinking the pain away in at his small palatial estate in Torby.

The Northgate Rebellion

Twelve years passed as Toderick remained distant from his family. These were dark years for Toderick. Despite the increase of cases that came with the increase in crime, Toderick remained a functioning but severe alcoholic. While Toderick might have seen functioning while seeing to his magisterial duties, he remained secluded from his family.

However this seclusion ended with the eruption of the Northgate Rebellion. Lord Roderick Stoneward called Toderick to live in the lavish residential wing of Stoneward Prison with his family where he would be safe. Toderick's safety in the war torn country was only guaranteed on the condition that he set aside liquor. Toderick began to see a doctor and later moved back in with his family.

During this time, Toderick was reunited with his estranged family. Seeing his sons for the first time in years, they had grown up, not knowing their mother or father. Although they had come to despise Toderick over the years of abandonment, Toderick had become immensely proud of them. His eldest son, Cedrick was growing up to be a capable warrior and showed great promise to one day be a military commander. Lord Roderick arranged at this time for Cedrick to begin serving as an assistant to a prominent military officer.

The Stonewards remained staunch loyalists to their King and administered his justice to captured rebels with vindication. This caused his family to be despised by many rebels, as they were known to give captured rebels harsh sentences and then mistreat the imprisoned rebels they did not execute. This hatred for the House of Stoneward amongst rebels resulted in the planned assassination of Roderick, Toderick, and Cedrick as revenge for the numerous Northgate rebels who had been tortured and murdered by their family.

The three assassination attempts came at the same time while all three men were apart. One Northgate rebel turned himself in, smuggling poison into the prison by stuffing the vial the only place the guards wouldn't check. After managing to get ahold of a shiv, the Northgate rebel, by the name of Bernard Lerrings, charged Lord Roderick Stoneward the first chance he got. However his attempt desperately failed as he was shot immediately after he got past the regulated distance.

Toderick was seen as an easy target. He left the Stoneward Prison regularly due to his law practice and was a cripple. Although he was granted an armed escort, they could easily be overcome. A gang of Northgate Rebels, armed with weapons from the rebel arsenal in the city, set upon Toderick and his retinue while they returned home through a back alley. The street brawl between the guards and rebels was ugly, resulting in all of the guards being killed or injured to a point of unable to fight and one Northgate Rebel standing. The rebel charged Toderick, however, he was not unarmed. Toderick quickly pulled a revolver and shot his assassin, ending the assassination attempt.

Cedrick was set upon by Gilnean soldiers who had turned traitor and were operatives for the Northgate Rebellion. The men snuck into Cedrick's tent at a military encampment one night and cut his throat in his sleep. The men were never caught, leaving Cedrick's death to be the only successful assassination aimed at the House of Stoneward.

The death of his eldest son was another hard blow Toderick, he recused himself from overseeing trials for medical leave. However, he managed to remain sober throughout the ordeal.

Following the defeat of the Northgate Rebellion, the Starlight Slasher murders raged through Gilneas City. One night, Lord Roderick was on an evening stroll through Gilneas City when he was murdered. His death was brutal and cruel. It was apart of the series of murders carried out by the criminal known only as Starlight Slasher. Toderick was suffering enough from the death of his son, but the loss of his father destroyed him. Yet Toderick resisted using liquor as an escape, instead engaging in long grieving sessions with a physician several times a week. Now Lord of his House, Toderick returned to the County of Corvric to manage the lands affairs, retiring from his career in law, appointing his brother, Geoffrick as the Warden of Stoneward Prison to replace his late father.

The Curse of the Worgen and Fall of Gilneas

Just as the House of Stoneward began recovering from the two tragic losses, more sorrow came. Their sovereign, King Genn Greymane ordered a state of emergency to defend Gilneas City from the feral Worgen Curse that had taken a grip on much of the populace. Uncertain of the threat, Geoffrick ordered Stoneward Prison to undergo a lock down to protect the prison. However, it wasn't long before the feral Worgen attacked the prison. Despite the prison's impenetrable defenses and reinforcements, the afflicted Worgen overran the prison.

Toderick and the rest of his family, however, remained at Castle Stoneward. The Castle fell soon enough as well as the wave of worgen swallowed the kingdom. The worgen eventually overran the castle, yet, the feral Stonewards were unable to escape after a guard locked them inside. As the evacuation of Gilneas was underway, the Stoneward family was rescued and detained. The feral nobles kept till a permanent cure was found.

After undergoing alchemical remedies, Toderick and the rest of his family later received further treatment for the Worgen Curse within Tal'doren with the rest of the Gilnean people. Toderick had decided to embrace his new identity, although he avoided his true form due to the difficulty he had with walking and the miscomfort he had with it. He was actually capable of walking in his true form, however with a serious limp and he was still crippled in Human form.

A caricature of Toderick. Cred: Nikklos

When the Gilnean refugees arrived in Darnassus, Toderick finally came to to terms that Gilneas was no longer the mighty power it had been. Toderick and the rest of the Stonewards, save his son, Nederick who instead remained in Gilneas with the Gilneas Liberation Front, resolved to follow King Genn to Stormwind. Upon their arrival, Toderick decided to enter an early retirement and purchased a home in the city now known as the Stoneward Estate.

Life as an Alteraci Statesman

After three dull years in retirement, Toderick developed a strong dislike for Stormwind City. His pride was wounded as a refugee and he felt as though he would lose his national identity remaining there. Lord Stoneward still holds a unfavorable view of Stormwind City as a city filled with crime and corruption and poor weather.

Lord Stoneward sought a path to resume his law career and the Kingdom of Gilneas did not avail any possibilities as it remained in diaspora. Around this time he caught word of an upstart faction of Alteraci led by Kormed Wolfheart, attempting to reclaim their kingdom. Recalling that the rest of the Alliance of Lordaeron coveted the kingdoms lands after Aiden Perenolde's treachery and that only Gilneas truly wanted to see the throne restored, Toderick seized on this opportunity to resume his career in law in this new Alterac as he sympathized with the plight of the Alteraci.

Toderick joined the ranks of the City State of Alterac, agreeing to establish a legal system under the new King's rule. Lord Stoneward quickly rose to an important role in government as Lawspeaker due to his experience and knowledge, becoming the chief judiciary official of the King's government. As Lawspeaker, Toderick entered the game of politics that surrounded the Imperial Diet, the oligarchical legislature of the City State. Despite being temporarily driven out of Alterac after antagonizing a close ally of the City State, Toderick overcame all political opponents that stood in his path, including prominent military leaders and allies of the City State. Lord Stoneward became the key adviser of the King, manipulating his office to accomplish his own agenda which focused on establishing order in Alterac and promoting Alterac granite trade to fill Toderick's own coffers in addition to the King's. Eventually, Lord Stoneward rose to a specially created position, second only to Kormed Wolfheart himself, Great Officer of the Crown.

With the help of political allies acquired in the City State of Alterac, Lord Stoneward was able to reclaim the County of Corvric.. Toderick quickly moved his family back home and charged his mother to manage the region in his absence. While Lord Stoneward ruled in Alterac, acquiring wealth for his family, his mother focused on rebuilding their ancestral lands in Gilneas.

Soon after, the politics of the Imperial Diet and corruption of the King became too much to bear. Lord Stoneward planned a coup in which the King would be removed from power due to a criminal charge, permitting a legal transition of power. After his sound victory over the Kormed Wolfheart, Lord Stoneward, in agreement with Zaria Blackmoore, the leader of the Alterac Silver Hand, decided to dissolve the City State of Alterac, leaving nobility to manage their own lands. Immediately after this decision, news of a Forsaken invasion reached those convening at the assembly. Toderick decided that he was ill equipped to deal with such a threat and made haste in fleeing Alterac.

Following his departure from the Alterac Mountains, Toderick returned to the County of Corvric for sometime, taking a respite from politics and enjoying his newly built Corvric Manor. However, after a few months of seclusion in Gilneas, Toderick returned to the Alterac Mountains in an attempt to bring about a new government to stabilize the region in cooperation with the Citrine Eagle, formed by Lady Zaria Blackmoore. However, the Assembly of Alterac was a dismal failure after it became a battleground between factions within a larger conflict between the Church of the Holy Light, the Citrine Eagle, and Army of the Truthful. Instead of retreating once more, Toderick remained in the Alterac Mountains, at last deciding to join the Citrine Eagle.

The Citrine Eagle

Toderick met with Highlord Zaria Blackmoore to discuss his entrance into the Citrine Eagle, he had previously only been associated with the order and not a formal member. Toderick described his persistent desire to provide aid to Alterac and was accepted after agreeing to help finance the Eagles with the lucrative alter granite he had continued to mine. Toderick first assumed the position of quartermaster after undergoing a trial period, although he has since left this role as it became largely irrelevant due to reforms within the Eagles. In addition to his business ties, Toderick's legal experience was applied when he was requested to sit upon tribunals for members of the order who violated the rules of their order.

As his duties as quartermaster diminished, Lord Stoneward resolved to resume his military career, entering the Icewing Brigade as an officer, taking over the training of the Citrine Eagle as the order's arms master.

An Overdue Procedure

A quick sketch of Lord Stoneward. Creds: Rennali

Following the Fall of Stromgarde campaign, Lord Stoneward became painfully aware of how much of a disadvantage his crippling put him at in combat. During a Horde attack on Strom, Toderick fought against Tendael Dawnlight II but their duel resulted in a tie. After word of another coming of the Burning Legion came across Azeroth, Toderick determined a medical procedure to fix his knee was necessary. In order to do so however, his kneecap would need to be reshattered and made to heal back again properly. Toderick had not previously had access to talented Light-wielding healers of the Citrine Eagle but now he did and sought out the order's Head Surgeon to conduct the procedure. After a few days of rest to allow the new knee to settle and adjust, Toderick was at full capacity before long able to fight as he once had in his youth, ready to serve his kingdom and the Alliance in the fight against the Burning Legion.

Broken Isles

After hearing of King Genn Greymane's call to arms, Toderick rejoined the Gilnean Army in preparation for the invasion of Stormheim. Under his command were numerous members of the Citrine Eagle who had followed suit, such as Hadrian Blackwater. Due to his nobility and qualifications, he was elevated to the rank of Lords Captain, the rank he had held previously before his crippling. Lord Stoneward accompanied the Gilnean Army in establishing Greywatch following the initial assault. In Stormheim, Toderick lead numerous sorties throughout the region, mostly raids directed towards hostile Vrykul settlements, protecting Greywatch while the rest of the Brigade focused on the main mission.

Once Greywatch came under attack from the Forsaken, Toderick was recalled from his outpost to assist in driving them back. Doing battle against the plague wielding Forsaken, Toderick and those under his command found victory.

After more intelligence uncovered the Warchief's intentions at Skold-Ashil, the Gilneas Brigade, including Captain Stoneward's forces assaulted Dreadwake's Landing with further aid from the Grand Alliance. They were unsuccessful, however and were forced into retreat.

Following the battle and defeat of the Warchief, Toderick was reassigned to a Gilnean Warden Tower and promoted to the rank of Major. As a Senior Officer, Lord Stoneward took a more staff officer role, seeing less of the front lines. Toderick saw that the outpost was well supplied and managed the encampment as they monitored the region for Horde and hostile vrykul. He did however, negotiate a peace agreement through translators with one of the previously belligerent Vrykul settlements. As the Gilnean campaign in Stormheim ended, many were reassigned to new posts, the full force of the 1st Brigade no longer necessary. Alongside many noble officers, Lord Stoneward was reassigned to his own lands to oversee recruitment and the supply of resources to the rest of the Gilnean Army.

A few days before reporting to the County of Corvric, Lord Stoneward made a point to visit the Citrine Eagle at their current post, Thunder Totem in Highmountain. There, a feast was being held in celebration of Pilgrim's Bounty with The Radiant Vigil. However, in the middle of revelry, Feltotem ambushed the ceremonies and captured leaders of both orders. Much to his confusion, Lord Stoneward scarcely understood Tauren, let alone Highmountain, Lord Stoneward opted to remain with the Eagles until their leaders were recovered.

Upon their rescue, a few days later, Lord Stoneward parted with the Citrine Eagle once more, vowing to one day return to them once his service to his country was finished.

A Holiday at Home

Upon his arrival in the Kingdom of Gilneas, Major Stoneward reported to the old Gilnean Central Barracks where he was briefed alongside the rest of the deployed aristocrat officers. It was explained that it was their mission to restore their lands and keep the peace so that when the Gilnean people eventually return, the aristocracy would be intact and able to support the city and other common people. Considering that the County of Corvric had since improved upon it's previous condition, Lord Stoneward was promoted to the position of High Commander, the Stoneward Regiment becoming the Stoneward Brigade.

The County of Corvric had already been restored, in fact, improved upon from its pre-war condition, thus Lord Stoneward had a fairly easy job of simply maintaining order and ruling his ancestral lands. Reassuming his responsibilities as the Earl of Corvric, Lord Stoneward spent months ruling his county, a post he had left in his mother's capable hands while he was off in Alterac and at war. As relations between the Forsaken and the Kingdom of Gilneas had worsened in the Broken Isles, Lord Stoneward often rode north to Silverpine Forest where he observed the tense 'truce' at the border and reunited with his son, Nederick.

After seeing the construction of Greymont Keep in the County of Corvric, Lord Stoneward began to long for action. Feeling that he was wasting away in the Kingdom of Gilneas following his grandiose fifty-sixth birthday party, Lord Stoneward announced his retirement from the Gilnean Army, setting his affairs in order before returning to the Citrine Eagle. Upon his departure, Lord Stoneward reinstated his mother as steward.

The Beckett Uprising

Within two weeks of his retirement from the Gilnean Army and return to the Citrine Eagle, Lord Stoneward received grave news. In his absence, Baron Thomas Beckett had assassinated his mother and ignited a rebellion within the County of Corvric. Angered by the construction of Corvchester City which had caused his own holding of Torby to lose its economic superiority, the young Baron murdered Dowager-Earless Eleanor Stoneward.

Upon receiving word of this, Lord Stoneward petitioned the Gilneas High Command to come out of retirement to personally quell this rebellion. With his confirmation of his request granted days later, Lord Stoneward returned to the County of Corvric to find Fort Greymont surrendered and the Barony of Palehurst under occupation by the rebellious Baron.

Lord Stoneward first set recapturing the Barony of Palehurst, freeing the local nobility whom had remained loyal after two weeks of skirmishing within the region. With his attention focused on Palehust, Corvchester City was besieged during his absence.

After a month of conflict, Lord Stoneward liberated the city before moving onto Torby and ending the rebellion in the Battle of Bloody River. During this conflict, Toderick determined that Stoneward Prison had become too costly to maintain and garrison, abandoning the prison once more.

Lord Stoneward raised Hadrian Blackwater as the new Baron of the region and remained in Corvric for a month to oversee a smooth transition of power and rebuilding. Lord Stoneward also retired from his post as High Commander, raising his brother, Geoffrick Stoneward to that responsibly, hopefully for good.

Defender of Alterac

After quelling the Beckett Uprising, Lord Stoneward returned to the Citrine Eagle and Talongrab. Lord Stoneward devoted much of his time to reforming the Icewing Brigade, coming to the rank of First Lieutenant or second in command of the military force of the Eagles.

It was at this time that the Stormwind House of Nobles returned to prominence and held new elections. Lord Stoneward was offered a position in the administration of Lord High Exchequer Galmone Smith as Director of Ways and Means. Lord Stoneward accepted the position, returning to bureaucracy, only now in Stormwind rather than Gilneas or Alterac.

Shortly after, re-elections were held in the Stormwind House of Nobles resulting in a new Lord High Exchequer being elected and Toderick ending his short political career in the Kingdom of Stormwind. However, Lord Stoneward did form the Stoneward Group with Lady Zaria Blackmoore, as his partner. The lobbying firm would be committed to defending the interests of foreigners in Stormwind City and allow the groups partners an avenue into the Stormwind House of Nobles should they need it in the future.

Despite some activity in Stormwind and the Tournament of Ages, Toderick largely remained in the Alterac Mountains, committed to defending the region from its enemies. Lord Stoneward remained behind in Talongrab while the majority of the Citrine Eagle embarked to Argus, deciding he would have trouble being effective on the alien planet and would better use his talents on the home front. During this time, Lord Stoneward noticed an influx in Syndicate presence in the countryside and upon the Eagles return, withdrew to the Alteraci countryside to stamp out the Syndicate that were harassing Alterac Granite shipments from mines owned by the Citrine Eagle. This proved to be a tedious effort, taking several months to finally infiltrate and dismantle the group of Syndicate. During this period, Lord Stoneward made intermittent visits to Talongrab but focused most of his efforts on destroying the Syndicate.


As Lord Stoneward oversaw the dismantling of a Syndicate crime ring and a Forsaken expedition into Alterac focused on acquiring Alterac Granite, collectively known as the Granite Campaign, he began to seek a new faith. As his eighth large military campaign ended in victory, he no longer was content with his weak faith in the Holy Light and dependence on law and reason. During a conversation about faith with Zaria Blackmoore, Toderick learned of the faith of the Vrykul.

Lady Blackmoore's own understanding of the faith being rudimentary, the belief system cemented in valor piqued his interest. Lord Stoneward conducted extensive research from the safety of libraries and consulting with experts and he learned much of the faith and culture of the Vrykul. However, he sought further understanding and decided to return to Stormheim. His last visit to Stormheim was a military campaign, this time he intended to embark on a pilgrimage.

Lord Stoneward sailed to Stormheim and arrived at Greywatch. From there, he made way to Validsfall where he spoke with the vrykul of their faith. It was in Validsfall where he met a Vrykul named, Sigvald Crowcloak. Toderick and Sigvald became fast friends as Sigvald was an ardent believer in Odyn and friendly to humans, particularly with Gilneans due to their King's salvation of Eyir. Sigvald had learned a basic understanding of Common from Gilnean soldiers. The two made an agreement, Toderick and Sigvald would exchange each other's culture and languages. Sigvald imparted more knowledge of the Vrykul faith to Toderick before the two set out to various landmarks such as Haustvald, the Runewood, and the Field of Fallen Kings.

Through Sigvald's connections, Toderick was able to safely interact with the more friendly Vrykul and learned more of their faith. A dissident Bonespeaker, named Ragnar met with them both and taught Toderick an understanding of the myths and values of their faith equal to that of most vrykul. Ragnar also taught Toderick a few runes which he practiced before imbuing some into his armor. Ragnar joined Sigvald and Toderick as they moved on from Stormheim to visit the village of Jandvik.

In Jandvik, Toderick was less welcomed as an outsider despite being accompanied by two vrykul. Toderick was forced into engaging in a duel to remain in Jandvik to prove his worth as a warrior. Lord Stoneward entered his worgen form, much to their marvel of the other vrykul. Using his worgen form, he defeated his opponent who demanded that he be killed after Toderick hesitated and meant to give him mercy. After proving his martial prowess, Toderick was accepted and spent several weeks in Jandvik. Toderick impressed the locals with his knowledge of their culture and faith and exchanged fighting styles with the warriors of the town. Lord Stoneward became an increasingly more effective warrior has he learned to utilize the power of Odyn and Eyir to his advantage in combat. Weeks later, Toderick departed from Jandvik to temporarily return home to keep his affairs in order. Sigvald and Ragnar waited for him as they prepared to bring Toderick to Skold-Ashil upon his return to complete his induction into their faith and culture.

Upon his return to Jandvik, Lord Stoneward prepared for his journey to Skold-Ashil to visit the valkyra and hoped to be fully accepted into the faith. As the trio arrived in Skold-Ashil, they were greeted warmly but kept at an arm's length. Toderick demonstrated a sufficient knowledge of their faith, yet the Valkyra were still hesitant. The Valkyra set many trials for Toderick to overcome. He hunted beasts, defeated warriors, and humbled himself in prayer to Odyn and Eyir. Yet still, the Valkyra refused to allow him an audience with Eyir. Eventually, Toderick lost his patience and demanded why he was being refused. The Valkyra responded because his intentions are not that of one who aspires to be Valarjar. Valarjar seek glory whereas Toderick was only driven to gain power.

Frustrated by their rejection, Lord Stoneward departed from Stormheim and returned to Alterac with the intention to sort himself out and return again. Despite the rejection, Lord Stoneward held to the vrykul faith as it settled his gaping hole of faith. Though, he would not return to Stormheim.


During his respite in the Alterac Mountains, Toderick discovered a growing garrison of Forsaken along the banks of the Thondroril River. Toderick set out with a force of fifty Icewing soldiers to take the small fortress, gather intelligence, and burn the keep to the ground. The entire operation was scheduled to only take three days. Lord Stoneward and his Icewing host arrived at the garrison and after a siege that lasted a few hours, the Forsaken were defeated. The Icewing Brigade suffered heavy casualties, losing nearly half of their initial force. Despite this, Lord Stoneward opted to continue as planned and remained at the garrison for a day to collect intelligence on other Forsaken efforts.

Later the next day, a large group of Forsaken reinforcements who were ordered to bolster the garrison prior to the attack, arrived. The remaining Icewings, fearing their lives, mutinied against Lord Stoneward and captured him in exchange for their ability to live. However, a single courier was dispatched by Toderick, informing the Citrine Eagle of the mutiny and his likely capture and possible demise. Lord Stoneward was handed over to the Forsaken forces against his will, already restrained by his treacherous soldiers. The Forsaken broke their agreement with the mutineers and slaughtered them anyways but kept Lord Stoneward in custody believing he could be interrogated.

Lord Stoneward was transported to The Sepulcher in Silverpine Forest where Toderick was imprisoned and interrogated for a week. However, Toderick refused to comply with the Forsaken, resisting their interrogation and gave up no information regarding the Citrine Eagle or Gilnean Army. A week passed and the Forsaken believed he would be of little use to him and planned to have him executed. However, the eve before his interrogation, several low ranking Forsaken Deathguards had an idea. They believed Toderick could be ransomed to his family in Gilneas for an enormous fortune. The Forsaken were weary from war and had been planning to desert from the Forsaken military for sometime now and they viewed Toderick as the perfect prisoner to pay for their new life ahead.

The deserters captured Toderick late in the night and fled their camp with him in tow and under heavy sedation. In an attempt to hide their tracks, the Forsaken trekked on foot through Silverpine Forest and into Hillsbrad Foothills. After reaching their safehouse along the coast of Baradin Bay in the Hillsbrad Foothills, they detained Toderick there for nearly two months as they attempted to contact the House of Stoneward to demand a ransom.

A month into his captivity, his captors kept Toderick heavily sedated. However, their supply eventually dwindled as the process of ransoming Toderick proved longer than intended. As Toderick began to regain his senses and strength, he attempted to escape. His attempt failed, however, only succeeding to kill one of his captors before the others subdued him. The consequence for his escape attempt was his hand. They revealed this to him and Toderick feigned being left hand dominant to his dull captors, who then severed his left hand.

Toderick returned to docility due to the agonizing pain of his wound and decided to bide his time for his escape. Eventually, contact was made with the House of Stoneward and a large ransom agreed upon. As they moved to transport him to the docks, Toderick saw his opportunity. He entered his true form and escaped his bonds. With his captors distracted by preparing the transport, Toderick fled and made his way to the main road. A traveling merchant stumbled upon him hours later and transported him to Talongrab. He made his survival apparent before returning to Gilneas to recover and decide his future

Upon his return to Talongrab with one less hand, Lord Stoneward made his survival apparent before isolating himself in seclusion for his recovery. When he emerged, Toderick knew that he had lost much of his combat prowess and would never be quite the swordsman he once was. Toderick returned to Gilneas and reappeared at home as he had several non-functional prosthetics created to replace his left hand.

Toderick determined that his time on the front lines of battle had come to an end. Instead of retirement, Toderick arranged for himself to become an advisor to the Icewing Brigade for his valued years of service without a responsibility to appear on the field of battle.

Lordly Duties


Lord Stoneward spent little time to adjust to this new position before being recalled home. Economic crisis had struck the County of Corvric as the Gilneans who had returned home began to leave due to poor prospects in the anarchical land. Large debt had forced higher taxes to be levied, encouraging further abandonment. Lord Stoneward was subsequently forced to exhaust the County Treasury and slash spending.

The economic crisis had been very hard on the County, the reclamation effort seemed to be slipping into failure. Before any recovery could be executed, the War of the Thorns erupted, putting the Grand Alliance and the Horde at war once more. Lord Stoneward was devastated by the news of Teldrassil. He remembered how the Kal'dorei had taken in his people and extended an invitation to any refugees. King Genn Greymane also declared that Teldrassil would be prioritized before the Kingdom of Gilneas. This news caused the citizens and nobility of the County of Corvric to abandon hope for more interest in the region.

Faced with a crisis, Lord Stoneward announced an abandonment of the County of Corvric. The House of Stoneward and other noble houses would not abandon their seats, however, they would no longer provide services to citizenry. Nearly the entirety of the County of Corvric was abandoned, only small clusters remaining throughout.

As preparations for the Battle for Lordaeron were made, Lord Stoneward sent his brother, Geoffrick, and the few remaining retainers to represent the defunct Stoneward Brigade in battle. Lord Stoneward remained behind, knowing that if he stepped onto the field of battle, he could not guarantee his return. When the outcome of the battle reached him, Toderick felt a sense of pride in the Grand Alliance he had never felt before and grew optimistic for a distant reclamation of Gilneas.

Left with very little to rule over, Lord Stoneward felt as though he had failed his people, but realized that the time was not right. Following significant liquidation, Lord Stoneward managed to pay off his outstanding debts. He realized he needed to seek new forms of income and heard of the Grand Alliance's attempts to return Kul Tiras to the fold. Lord Stoneward decided to follow the 7th Legion and Gilnean delegation to Kul Tiras, establishing the Silvercrow Trading Company as a subsidiary of the Stoneward Group. The Silvercrow Trading Company would operate from Britt and sell products of the Thonbridge Company and many of the salvaged goods from all over the County.


This proved to be a successful venture, Lord Stoneward spent significant time in Boralus, hiding his identity as a Gilnean aristocrat. Within a few months, Lord Stoneward had established an efficient office in Boralus as well as a source of income with potential growth. Satisfied, he decided to return to the Citrine Eagle, resigning his post as First Lieutenant and instead moving laterally to the less demanding Senior Officer of theStormtalon Confederation.

News of his resignation traveled quickly, however, and within a few short days Toderick received word from a fellow Gilnean landless noble, Earl Hammond Montiers, of a special offer. Upon meeting Lord Montiers, the former acquaintance made an offer to Lord Stoneward. Lord Montiers spoke of the place of Gilneas in the Grand Alliance at present. A weakened but still powerful kingdom without a home that has proved itself with immense military service. If Gilneas was ever to be restored, it would not be given to their people on a silver platter, they would need to take it. Lord Montiers and other Gilnean elites had devised a plan to reassert the power of the Gilnean upper class in the Grand Alliance. This cabal, known as the Patricians, operated without endorsement from King Genn Greymane or the Grand Alliance.

Toderick could not help but agree with his sentiments and inquired for more information and how he may support this group's efforts. Toderick reminded Lord Montiers, however, that he was still loyal to the King Genn Greymane and the Grand Alliance and had no interest in treason. Lord Montiers assured Toderick that his group shared his loyalties and merely wished to advance their own position. The nobleman commended Lord Stoneward on his efforts with the Stoneward Group and Silvercrow Trading Company and now that his obligations in Alterac had been freed, he wished to capitalize on his previous efforts even further. Information would be critical to the influence of their organization and he hoped Toderick would contribute.

The members of the Patricians all assisted each other to their own capacity. Those still within the military offered information on upcoming military operations of interest, increased protection to their peers when possible, and even pertinent classified information on occasion. The political advisors and most influential members informed them on the latest court intrigues and scandals as well as carefully influence affairs when they could to the groups benefit. The entrepreneurs disclosed high profile business dealings, donated to causes, and beat out their competition. Information empowered them all. A few of those with the connections, experience, and financing even established small espionage rings to gather information in more circles.

Toderick at first worried about the possible consequences of disclosing and receiving all of this information. This surely was not entirely legal but was not necessarily treasonous. He remembered the glory days of Gilneas and realized that this was necessary if they were to ever get ahead. Lord Stoneward agreed to assist Lord Montiers in his efforts and made all of his services available to him. Lord Montiers explained that Toderick would be best suited in Boralus where his number of connections would prove most useful.

From then on, Toderick received daily secret reports of happenings in Kul Tiras and weekly of the most notable ongoings throughout the Grand Alliance. Lord Stoneward became a larger presence in the Boralus Court as a Gilnean benefactor and foreign guest. Even being the primary speaker at a gala for foreign business leaders where he promoted inter-Alliance trade in his speech. As Toderick embedded himself in Boralus high society, Toderick noted and passed along all relevant information he came across. The Patricians became a powerful force in court but remained in secrecy and carefully avoided being visibly tied with one another. On one occasion, a lowly Tirassian knight began to suspect their coordinations.

Following the downfall of House Ashvane, there were many Tirassian and Grand Alliance arms contracts up for grabs in Boralus. After receiving information about an emerging Tirassian arms manufacturer, Brennadam Arms, the Stoneward Group under the guidance of Lord Toderick acquired the company and capitalized on the emerging market with steady contracts as a result of military connections. With this new subsidiary, Toderick stole contracts from this suspicious Tirassian knight, who mysteriously drank himself to death shortly after confronting Stoneward regarding the poaching of former clients.

The influence of the Patricians grew in the Boralus underworld as they aligned themselves with a Gilnean gang that appeared in the city. Lord Stoneward's identity as a Patrician was kept secret, of course, he was considered a suspect by Boralus law enforcement. Lord Stoneward began to keep a lower profile as the activities of the Patricians attracted more attention from law enforcement. Toderick remained disconnected from the secret killings and explicit criminal activity, although he did arrange the smuggling of arms and other goods not registered with the Harbor. In the late summer of 38 LC, an unauthorized arms deal gone wrong between the criminal Patricians and a group of pirates resulted in retaliation from the rest of the Boralus underworld on the Patricians. Suspected Patricians were targeted and following an attempt on Toderick's life, he disappeared, covering up as a kidnapping with an accompanying ransom note.

Toderick began to grow out his beard and hair in an effort to disguise himself as a Gilnean merchant as they took a long voyage to Pandaria to evade both the pirates and Alliance out of fear for the conspiracy being made public following the purge of the Patricians. Lord Stoneward eventually reached Pandaria after a few months of sea voyage and settled far away from any settlement in the Jade Forest. Toderick lived in solitude asides from the company of an aide and protégé as well as an additional bodyguard. I

Shortly after arriving Toderick had his bodyguard write a letter and sent it to his family, claiming that a bounty hunter had killed Toderick. This was done without confirmation that Toderick had even been identified. The news shocked his family, Toderick continued to live this way for several months until he eventually got so bored with retirement he decided to risk coming out hiding.

Back from the Dead

Lord Stoneward first returned home to console his family where he kept his return secret for a few weeks. Toderick had his brother make discreet queries into Boralus to discover his current standing. The city had mostly forgotten about the Gilnean society that had attempted to infiltrate the city. The investigation conducted by the authorities discovered Toderick as a person of interest but not formally charged him. Confident that he could return without facing prosecution, Toderick returned to Alterac for a short period of time before returning home. Toderick proceeded to take approximately a year to recover from this terrible episode and continue to lay low. The County of Corvric had been for the most part abandoned as the experiment failed to attract a long term population. This had put greater pressure on his maintained residence at Corvric Manor as supplies became more difficult to source. Toderick spent the year making numerous repairs and improvements to the property, including designing an enormous garden. Toderick also saw to the construction of a shadow town outside Corvric Manor largely resettling the dwindling population there. After several months spent revitalizing his home, Toderick soon saw that any threat had subsided and made the decision to return to Alterac and Stormwind.


  • The Manders Rebellion - Sir Toderick Stoneward subdues the rebel Baron Manders in the County of Corvric.
  • The Northgate Rebellion - Lord Toderick Stoneward oversees the trial of numerous captured rebels.
  • The Curse of the Worgen - Lord Toderick is afflicted by the Worgen Curse as Stoneward Prison is lost.
  • Invasion of Gilneas - Lord Toderick Stoneward is captured alongside King Genn Greymane by the Eastern Lords, later freed. Lord Stoneward evacuates Gilneas with the rest of the refugees.
  • Reclamation of Corvric and Stoneward Prison - Lord Stoneward returns to Gilneas, retaking his lands.
  • March on Gavenstead - Lord Stoneward returns to the City-State of Alterac after resigning, resuming his post as Lawspeaker in the middle of the campaign. Toderick participates in battle.
  • Coronation of Kormed Wolfheart - Lord Stoneward coronates Kormed Wolfheart as King of Alterac.
  • Campaign of the Barony of Wolf's Maw - Lord Stoneward accompanies the City-State of Alterac's forces in the quelling of the rebellion. As Lawspeaker, he holds the Kaiser accountable for his crimes.
  • Ousting of Kormed Wolfheart - Lord Stoneward ousts Kormed Wolfheart, stripping him of lands and title for his crimes.
  • Court of Uther Tribunal: Kormed Wolfheart - Lord Stoneward oversees the prosecution of Kormed Wolfheart before the Court of Uther, successful in having his knighthood removed.
  • Grand Jury of Alterac: Toderick Stoneward - Lord Stoneward is accused of corruption and abuse of power by Kormed Wolfheart, however is deemed innocent by a Grand Jury.
  • Dissolution of the Assembly of Alterac - Lord Stoneward oversees the termination of a central government in Alterac. Toderick joined the Citrine Eagle shortly after this event.
  • Knights of Perenolde Campaign - Lord Stoneward joins the Citrine Eagle in a campaign against the Knights of Perenolde. In the final battle, Lord Stoneward entered his true form, a rare occasion, in order to work through a large crowd of enemy knights.
  • The Fall of Stromgarde - Lord Stoneward enters the war in the latter days. Driving the Horde into Hillsbrad until retreating from Strom, ridden with Plague. During the Plaguing of Strom, Lord Stoneward crossed blades with Tendael Dawnlight II, the commander of the Horde forces as he attempted to enter the city from the south. Neither opponent was able to best the other with Lord Stoneward being forced to flee after the deployment of the Plague on the city.
  • Gilneas Campaign of Stormheim - Lord Stoneward enlists into His Majesty, King Genn Greymane's forces for the Gilnean campaign into Stormheim. Leading volunteers from the Citrine Eagle, Lord Stoneward was elevated to the rank of Captain due to his nobility and education. Besides fighting alongside the majority of Gilnean forces at Greywatch and Dreadwake's Landing, Lord Stoneward also led numerous raids against vrykul settlements. Following his service, Lord Stoneward was promoted to the rank of Major.
  • Beckett Uprising - Lord Stoneward quells the Beckett Uprising in the County of Corvric, raising Hadrian Blackwater as the new Baron of Torby. Lord Stoneward returns to Alterac following the civil war which took him away from the region for two months.
  • The Granite Campaign -Lord Stoneward leads Citrine Eagle forces in a prolonged campaign in the Alteraci countryside against Forsaken and Syndicate over control of lucrative Alterac Granite.
  • Exodus of Corvric - An economic crisis followed by decisions made after the War of Thorns prompted the abandonment of the County of Corvric.
  • Siege of Durnholde - Lord Stoneward made a last minute return to assist the Eagle's in the retaking of Durnholde. Toderick only assisted in a single battle protecting the rear of the main force from Forsaken reinforcements.

Incumbent Appointments

Earl of Corvric
Preceded by
Lord Roderick Stoneward
Toderick Stoneward Succeeded by
Heir Apparent
Partner of the Stoneward Group
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Position Created
Toderick Stoneward Succeeded by
Stormtalon Senior Officer
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Position Created
Toderick Stoneward Succeeded by

Character Description


Toderick was an aged man before his affiliation of the Worgen Curse, already have developed a early balding, grey hair and wrinkles. Wrinkles littering his face have formed jowls, forehead wrinkles and crows feet around his eyes. A pasty pale complexion covers his body, seeing little sun considering much of his work is done indoors and the lands he lives aren't known to be particularly sunny. Toderick has rather average, if a slightly bumpy nose but not to any sense of it being particularly noticeable. His eyes are a deep royal blue, that contrast well with his complexion and grey hair color, giving him a steely dignified look.

Toderick keeps himself well-groomed, maintaining a proper appearance suiting an Earl. His steel grey hair is kept relatively short and parted to the right. The hairline has receded back a bit and what hair is on the top of his head is thin. Toderick continues to sport his signature mutton chops which are also neatly groomed.

Although once sporting a large pot-belly due to his many years of inactivity, he has slimmed down lately and returned to a more toned and muscular physique of a warrior.

Occasionally accompanying, Toderick is an ornately crafted cane, the silver bulb at the top wrought in the shape of a crow's head, the sigil of his house. Toderick had spent the majority of his life bound to the cane from being crippled, however he recently has his knee re-shattered and fixed to heal properly, allowing him to walk freely. His left hand, however, was severed after several months in Forsaken captivity. A sun powered prosthetic crafted by a Lightforged Dwarf replaces his left hand now.

Toderick speaks with a thick Gilnean aristocratic accent and at his disposal is an enormous vocabulary due to the tutoring he had available as the son of nobility.



Toderick's favors wielding three distinct weapons and occasionally a shield. A revolver, a dagger and his personal broadsword.

His revolver is a common Gilnean six-chamber revolver usually at at his side in a leather holster. Attached to the leather holster would be an ammo pouch, storing extra ammunition.

Sheathed beside his revolver on his right side is a dagger in its scabbard. Also quite mundane, it has a blue hilt with a gold pommel and is made of plain steel. The craftsmanship isn't too shabby but he rarely draws it, normally saving it for emergencies. Its scabbard is a simple leather one, a bit plain for the decorated dagger.

On his right hip, his personal broadsword, Sharp Wit is sheathed in a wooden scabbard with a gold chape and locket. Along the scabbard would three sapphire gems on either side, inlaid in the wood by a gold ring. The blade itself is forged from Adamantine, an extremely firm metal with a natural ability to bypass hardness. For its density, adamantine is incredibly light, making for an excellent weapon. The blade is about three inches wide at its base, eventually tapering off to a sharp point and forty-five inches from the point to its base. Running along both sides of the blade is a fuller, in which the House words of the House of Stoneward, "Wit is a Weapon" are engraved. The hilt is made of gold with a blue leather wrapped around the gripped. At the end of the hilt is a round gold pommel, inside of the circle, the sigil of the House of Stoneward is carved out, a crow in mid-flight about to swoop up its prey.

When using a shield, Toderick usually opts for a simple steel one, nothing special. Only using a shield in circumstances that he deems necessary, which doesn't include all combat situations.




A domesticated Dire Wolf Toderick found during a hunting expedition in Northern. Toderick adopted the dire wolf and dubbed it after the Gilnean patriarch. With other members of Aderic's pack, Toderick has begun breeding the dire wolves. Aderic has served as Toderick's primary mount and combat companion since.

Inv pet mastiff.png


A Gilnean Mastiff bred in the County of Corvric, Oliver is Toderick's newest companion and often accompanies him on hunts and the occasional stroll. Much beloved by Toderick, Oliver is dear to his heart and truly man's best friend.



Archibald is a Gilnean Raven that Toderick purchased a few years ago. He found the bird slightly annoying and keeps him at Corvric Manor, where he has to bother with it seldom. Occasionally, Toderick takes a liking to the bird and has it do tricks, otherwise servants keep the bird well fed and exercised.


Lord Toderick Stoneward's impenetrable wall of politeness and formality leaves very few regarding him as a close friend. The only fast friends Toderick has made are other nobility with a similar character. However there are a select few who Toderick regards as his closet friends.

Geoffrick Stoneward

Geoffrick is no mere friend of Toderick, he is his brother and best friend. Toderick and Geoffrick grew up together, experienced the same hardships and beauty and fought together. Toderick owes everything to Geoffrick and Geoffrick everything to Toderick. He trusts his brother above all other individuals and holds him to a high regard for his combat prowess and even wit. Toderick continues to trust Geoffrick, leaving him in charge of his holdings in Gilneas and having named him heir over his own son.

Victoria Ashwin

The only woman Toderick ever came to love, his feelings for Victoria remain a distant memory from before the world was upheaved. Although their marriage was arranged by their fathers, Toderick and Victoria grew very close having two children together. It was during the birth of their last son, Nederick, that Victoria perished. Toderick secluded himself into rural Gilneas for twelve years after her death, falling into dangerous alcoholism. Only a beckoning home by his father for his own safety called Toderick back to society. Toderick still loves and morns the passing of his wife, though he has since come to better control and mask his emotions.

Tristan Yardley

The town drunk of Torby, Tristan proved to be unexpectedly grand company during Toderick's own years of alcoholism. It is unknown what happened to Tristan after the Northgate Rebellion, when Toderick returned home. This is not a friend Toderick terribly misses but he is the only man to see Toderick at his lowest point.

Hadrian Blackwater

One of the first Gilneans to join the Citrine Eagle, Hadrian was a young farm boy who had served in the Gilnean Army. Toderick and Hadrian came to good friends rather quickly, as Toderick showed a natural affinity for any Gilneans in the order. However, their relationship evolved as Toderick began to become a father and mentor figure for Hadrian. After the critical moment of Hadrian's life when he was combating his alter ego, Raven, Toderick was kidnapped and fought desperately for Hadrian. Eventually after seeing Hadrian through the difficult conflict, this father figure role only grew more pronounced.

When the Legion returned to Azeroth, Hadrian was among those Eagles who answered the call of their King and fought under the Gilnean banner. Serving as his second in command throughout this campaign, Toderick raised Hadrian to be a Baron after he assisted in the quelling of the Beckett Uprising shortly afterwards.

Before they had departed, Hadrian had lost his beloved, Iris who was residing in Corvric for her own safety. However, she was survived by two children, both of which Toderick is a proud godfather of.

Reginald Locke

Reginald Locke was Toderick's mentor throughout his youth. The prestigious but retired Gilnean Army High Commander imparted everything he knew about warfare to young Toderick. Toderick looked up to Reginald Locke as the man he aspired to become. Reginald Locke was an old and proud soldier who treated his students harsher than he treated his own men during his service, yet he still inspired respect and admiration. Reginald Locke perished after the Second War from old age and is buried on Aderic's Repose. Toderick will never forget the example set out by his mentor and still thinks upon his lessons for guidance.

Beliefs and Opinions 

Political Views

As a member of the elite nobility class, Toderick naturally holds opinions that favor aristocracy and the upper class. Viewing the Crown as the paramount authority, Toderick also is also a hardline nationalist of the Kingdom of Gilneas. He believes the destitute, criminals and other degenerates of society to be incapable of governing and simple minded. Lord Stoneward also keeps a deep loyalty to the Crown as well as the law, despising traitors and former Northgate Rebels, asserting they deserve execution.  

Despite these elitist opinions, Toderick is surprisingly accepting of the Worgen Curse, being afflicted himself and seeing no other choice. Though that isn't to say he isn't racist, which he is, towards all races affiliated with the Horde, often referring to Orcs as green skins or savages and Forsaken as rotheads. However, Toderick is also a pragmatic man and understands that circumstances regularly mandate he remain quiet on such issues. Thus, Toderick only expresses such beliefs when necessary, many people being unaware of his actual thoughts entirely.  

The Seven Kingdoms and the Grand Alliance

Toderick firmly believes that the Kingdom of Gilneas was the strongest of the Seven Kingdoms and that it reached it's industrial state solely on it's own without dependence on any other nation. Toderick yearns for the reclamation of the Kingdom of Gilneas and is opposed to any peace measures with the Horde until this is accomplished.

Toderick views the other Human kingdoms favorably, but is preferential to the Kul Tiras and Alterac. He respects the Kul Tiras Navy and admires Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore for never giving up on defeating the Horde. Toderick has been involved in the Alterac Mountains for several years and believes they were mistreated by the Alliance of Lordaeron. He supports Isiden Perenolde's claim to the throne of Alterac and would like to see Gilnean ties strengthened with the kingdom.

The rest of the human kingdoms, Toderick views as friends but he is not terribly fond of them as their former leaders were the largest proponents of the Alliance of Lordaeron. Toderick particularly dislikes the weather of Stormwind as being far too dry and hot.

Despite his misgivings for the other human kingdoms, Toderick is still an ardent supporter of the Grand Alliance ever since the Broken Isles Campaign. He recognizes the Grand Alliance is the last hope for humanity and the Kingdom of Gilneas, although he still points out it's many mistakes and points of weakness. Toderick respects King Varian Wrynn as a war hero although he similarly points out his mistakes as he does the Grand Alliance. Toderick is optimistic of King Anduin Wrynn, who he believes values King Genn Greymane's counsel.

The Horde

Toderick is extremely opposed to the Horde, particularly the Forsaken. Toderick sees the Sin'dorei as traitors and any former Sin'dorei who attempt to return to the Grand Alliance or the Ren'dorei as double turn cloaks who cannot be trusted. Toderick sees goblins as greedy and selfish but will not refuse to do business with neutral goblins. Toderick has less harsh feelings regarding the Tauren, however he still views them as enemies, perhaps enemies that can be bargained with. Toderick will not tolerate any bargaining with the Forsaken or the Orcs, however. Toderick regards the Orcs as an invasive race that must be severely weakened and confined to Kalimdor if they are to further exist. Toderick advocates for the complete genocide of the Forsaken and believes they should be wiped off the face of Azeroth. He sees them as cruel and unnatural creatures that have committed numerous atrocities and deserve no forgiveness.


Beyond matters of politics and patriotism, Toderick has recently become an adherent of the vrkyul faith. After a pilgrimage to Stormheim, Toderick learned of the vrykul culture, their magic, and was accepted by a few vrkyul. Previously, Lord Stoneward held weak beliefs in the Holy Light and the Old Ways but abandoned these faiths in exchange for one that better suited his values. Lord Stoneward understands he may not ever enter the Halls of Valor or become a Valajar, but instead sees himself as a warrior who hopes to deserve this honor and recognizes Odyn as his main deity.