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Tol Dagor is a fortified prison complex located on an island to the east of Tiragarde Sound. Its last known warden was Warden Amical, who took over after the death of Overseer Korgus. Once a legitimate and highly maintained prison, it was purchased by the Ashvane Trading Company and turned into Lady Priscilla Ashvane's private fortress where, along with the regular scumbags, she held her political opponents and other figures the Company wanted to keep quiet such as numerous Alliance emissaries sent to Kul Tiras. The prison complex was maintained by a detachment of Ashvane-loyal marines led by the infamously pyromaniac Knight-Captain Valyri, who also served as the complex's munitions expert.

Following the return of Lady Jaina Proudmoore to Kul Tiras, the prison was infiltrated by Flynn Fairwind, who bribed his way into the prison to rescue a captive emissary of the Alliance under contract by Sir Cyrus Crestfall. In the ensuring breakout, Fairwind started a riot in the Brig and killed the Block Warden, stealing Azerite gunpowder as evidence against the Ashvane Company on his way out.

Tol Dagor was later retaken by forces of the Proudmoore Admiralty under Taelia Fordragon following the ousting of Lady Ashvane and her escape from Boralus. Following the siege of Boralus, Lady Ashvane was incarcerated in Tol Dagor herself after surrendering to the Kul Tiran forces with the return of the lost fleets and was held there until she was broken out by Horde forces on the order of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.

Notable Inmates

  • Adhara White - Murder, Rogue Mage.
  • Bobby Howlis - Piracy.
  • Flynn Fairwind - Bribery.
  • Jes Howlis - Piracy.
  • Lady Priscilla Ashvane - Trafficking, conspiring with pirates, high treason.
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