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~50 (Physically)
Unknown (Chronologically)


Lordaeron Icon.png Lordaeronian




High Exarch of the Army of the Light
Supreme Allied Commander (formerly)
High General of the Sons of Lothar (formerly)


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance
Lordaeron Icon.png Kingdom of Lordaeron
Army of the Light Icon.png Grand Army of the Light
Silver Hand Icon.png Order of the Silver Hand
Lordaeron Icon.png Alliance of Lordaeron (formerly)




Dorus, father
Alleria Windrunner, lover
Arator Windrunner, son

High Exarch Turalyon is a famous paladin and canonized saint of the Church of the Holy Light who serves as the leader of the Army of the Light, a holy military seeking to end the Burning Legion throughout the cosmos. Turalyon precious served the Alliance of Lordaeron with distinction during and immediately after the Second War. He was second-in-command to Lord Anduin Lothar, the Supreme Allied Commander. During the assault on Blackrock Spire, Lord Lothar was struck down in combat with Orgrim Doomhammer. It was General Turalyon that picked up Lothar's battle standard and broken sword, rallying the army of the Alliance to victory over the Horde, capturing Doomhammer and driving the orcs back to the Dark Portal.

Two years after the war, Turalyon left with the Sons of Lothar on the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. Despite a series of military victories, the Alliance was unable to stop Ner'zhul from opening the portals which tore the planet apart, and Turalyon and Khadgar made the decision to destroy the Dark Portal to safeguard Azeroth from the demonic and orcish threat. Turalyon and his lover, Alleria Windrunner, disappeared some time after that battle and their status has only recently been discovered during the forces of Azeroth's campaign on Argus, the Legion homeworld.

His story is often recounted by the citizens of the Alliance as symbol of pride and patronage to the Light. Such a story can be found in an excerpt of the Quia iustus ex fide.



Supreme Allied Commander
Preceded by
Anduin Lothar
Turalyon Succeeded by
Leader of the Sons of Lothar
Preceded by
Position Established
Turalyon Succeeded by
Danath Trollbane
High Exarch of the Army of the Light
Preceded by
Position Established
Turalyon Succeeded by


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