Tybalt Vanderbeck


IconSmall Human Male Human


Magus Investigator


StormwindfactionIconnew Kingdom of Stormwind
Kul Tiras Icon BFA Kingdom of Kul Tiras
32px-Achievement reputation kirintor offensive Magocracy of Dalaran

Former Affiliations

Alterac Icon Kingdom of Alterac
Magus Investigation
Stormwind City Guard


Donnie Vanderbeck (Adopted Son, Alive)
Erasmus Vanderbeck (Older BrotherAlive)
Shylock Vanderbeck (Younger Brother, Alive)
Vanessa Vanderbeck (Older Sister, Dead)
Alain Vanderbeck (Nephew, Alive)

Amalia Vanderbeck (Niece, Alive)

Rodrik Cedarbrook (Adopted, Alive)



Tybalt Alonsus Vanderbeck is a magus investigator based out of Boralus. He is the sole owner of the company Mageroyal Acquisitions, and is the sworn enemy of the Alterac Syndicate.


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Early Life Edit

Born in Alterac to a rather large family, most of Tybalt's young life was spent adjusting to trying to be his own person amidst a sizable group of both blood relatives and adopted siblings. While he was never neglected by any means, as his parents were a caring sort who did everything they could to ensure the Vanderbeck family stayed strong, it did lead to Tybalt learning to act as a social chameleon at an early age, a skill that would prove useful later in life.

Tybalt developed a close relationship with his older sister, Vanessa Vanderbeck, during his upbringing in Alterac. Their closeness would continue even when Alterac fell due to King Aiden Perenolde's betrayal, as the two would attempt to flee south to escape the encroaching Orcish Horde. Even when their escape failed and they were bound in chains, both Vanessa and Tybalt would continue to work together to aid in their continued survival.

The timely arrival of a Kul Tiran vessel, the Spear of Camille, captained by Renault Cedarbrook, had been the saving grace for Tybalt and his sister, as they two were freed from potential slavery and had found themselves brought to Kul Tiras for a chance at freedom. This act would go on to establish the Vanderbecks in Boralus, and slowly but surely would the Alteraci family make their way to Kul Tiras in hopes of beginning anew.

The Kirin Tor Edit

When one grows up among a large family, certain traits find themselves hidden away. Only during his upbringing in Kul Tiras was Tybalt's aptitude for the Arcane noticed. As such, Tybalt was given to a Kirin Tor instructor who was present in Boralus and given the expected instruction one would expect for a young wizard. For a while, the training did not seem to stick with him, which led to the belief that he would be deemed unfit for continued instruction. It had only been the arrival of a new instructor, Miriam Lockwood of Lordaeron, that Tybalt finally began to fully understand the true usage of the Arcane.

Rather than see his skills applied as just a traditional wizard, Miriam began instruction in the art of swordplay as well. When paired with his prior training, Tybalt began to fully grasp at what he was being shown. He would be instructed mostly on the application of defensive magics that complimented his martial skills, leading to him favoring such spells later on in life.

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