Tydrae Nightglow
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Place of Birth

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Tydrae Nightglow is a seasoned sin'dorei, naturally skilled as a ranger, common amongst her kind. Witnessing The Fall of Silvermoon, and living through the withdrawal from the Sunwell, she understands the pain of addiction too well, as well as the hardships of war. Despite everything, she refuses to let the past effect her, and still strives to be as positive as she can, though sometimes can get lost in childish behaviour and antics.


Tydrae is slightly taller than the average female elf, and it is easy to see she takes care of her body. She has thin hair which frames her sleek face, and, infamous for the elves, a sleek waist. Though it is well hidden, both under her gear and her very pale skin, she has slight scars over her body. Whilst she has never stated exactly what they are, as no one has ever asked either, if someone were to look long and hard enough, they would come to a near definitive conclusion that she is covered in claw scars. Some animals... do not like being tamed. And others, just have very long claws. 

One thing that definitely stands out about Tydrae is that she has shorter brows. When she was younger, as an act of rebellion against her parents after a very mild argument, she cut her eyebrows to be shorter, however, she felt the look stuck to her and will trim them when she can.


Tydrae typically wears her typical armour set, feeling as though her outfit is 'traditional' in terms of the golden and red colour scheme. Very little is she seen without this armour, but it is not exactly rare either. She feels as though her armour isn't restricting, therefor she does not need it off constantly. She is, currently, saving up her gold so that she can upgrade her armour into something much more conventional, as well as capable of keeping her warm in conditions different to the eternal spring of Eversong.

Tydrae Nightglow (Shadowlands)


Tydrae has seen much in her life, as have many Elves. She was there during The Fall of Silvermoon, and lived both through withdrawal from the Sunwell, to the purity of it.

Younger Life

Quel'dorei Tydrae

As a young child, she was quite a natural loner, finding comfort and peace in her own company. She would spend much of her time as a child and young teen within the woods of Eversong, soon learning to befriend the lynx cats and dragonhawks that thrived within the woods. 

This natural affiliation began to grow mostly after she chose to raise a cub Lynx, whose mother had sadly passed away and was not able to care for the creature. This cub, Lera, was the first companion Tydrae had, the first of few more. She remembers fondly of the affectionate creature, and the nights she, as a child, would run alongside the animal. 


Alongside her fondness of creatures, she too was naturally skilled with a bow, and devoted much of her time to training. She naturally looked up to and admired many of her seniors, including Halduron and Ranger-General Sylvanas, as well as just her peers in training. However, bows seem to be the only thing she is good with, still recounting in modern day that she knows nothing of how to handle even a shortsword, hence why she longer keeps one holstered on her hip.

After Silvermoon was sieged, she watched as the lands of her home were set ablaze to try halt the corruption that tainted it. As well as that, and despite suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, she still tried to aid where she could, yearning 'to wake up from the nightmare that plagued her'. Nevertheless, she did what she could to survive with her now newly named Sin'dorei.

Burning Crusade Cinematic, Blood Elf siphoning mana from a mana wyrm.

As someone with a natural fondness for animals, one thing she found extremely hard was siphoning magic and life force from beings to sate her withdrawal. However, she complied as she also feared being exiled from the sin'dorei, recognising that times were too harsh for her to survive on her own, if she even could survive and not eventually fall to her withdrawals. 


Tydrae has not had much companions within her life, feeling guilty for having to siphon mana and magic from creatures to survive. Whilst she recognises the two does not have a strong correlation, a part of her feels as though she does not deserve to have creatures by her side after doing what she had to, to survive. 


Frostsaber https://moonlost.tumblr.com/post/144125395843/i-ended-up-doing-some-striped-nightsaber-recolours

It is not quite known how Tydrae had managed to gain a frostsaber companion, as sabers are typically seen as kaldorei companions. Nonetheless, Calahari is a large, majestic saber, large enough for even the elf to ride should she wish. Despite the intimidating size, and large teeth inside the the strong jaw of the beast, Tydrae claims the companion is actually, incredibly affectionate and 'a terrible guard'. She also claims the animal companion is perfect to cuddle with on cold nights, as the large size and plenty of fur generate amazing heat. That, and Calahari will cuddle with you every night regardless.

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