Moon Guard Wiki

Basic Details

  • Co-founder and administrator of the wiki.
    • I'm always open for questions concerning the wiki, whether it's wiki policies, coding, etc.
    • Feel free to contact me if you have an argument with another contributer about conflicting fanon. I am more than happy to discuss the details and find a solution that will satisfy all parties, by meshing both concepts into one or setting up separate articles for the conflicting stories in question.
  • Theme and category designer.
  • Known on Moon Guard as Maxen. On the wiki, Maxen Montclair!
  • More forgiving than I should be at times.
  • Studying computer science and game design with a smattering of art.
  • Contact me at:
    • Skype: Zypher.780
    • Battletag: LordMaxen#1331

History on Moon Guard

I'm mostly known for founding and leading <The First Regiment> and have been an active role-player on Moon Guard server for over five years. In 2008, I transferred my character Zypherion from Feathermoon server and founded the <Kul Tiras Marine Corps> on Moon Guard.

After leading the guild for two years in several role-playing player versus player campaigns, I passed on leadership to Thorband, moving on to found <The First Regiment>. I've since led more role-playing plot-lines and campaigns in-game than I can count on my fingers and toes, and intend to continue being an active member of Moon Guard's role-playing community.