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Serana depicted by Varis which reflects my love for her work <3

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Serana in front of a stained glass window dressed in color coordination, reflecting my adoration of outfit design.

Tony Abbott Was a Great Ruler of Australia <3


Australian Human

RPing Experience:

3 years

Favorite food:



Grand Alliance Icon.png Alliance


Average Joe, (Priest main now, formerly Warlock main)

Favorite Games:

World of Warcraft
Warcraft 3
Dragon Age (Origins and Inquisition)
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Castle Crashers
Mount and Blade: Warband
Telltale Walking Dead (Season 1 & 2)

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to my beautiful sanctuary that you were unfortunate enough to click on.

When I say "FOR THE" you say "Alliance!" Unless of course you're Horde... in that case I shall purge you (not really.)

Right now I'm mainly working on the Quel'Damor project and of course, Serana Dawnsinger's page. I am never not editing. I don't stop editing when my fingers bleed. My flesh will melt off my fingers before I stop editing. Even if I lost my hands I would mash my head against the keyboard to edit. I'm sure you get the point, I just love editing things!

I generally tend to edit the wiki while I am out of my house but I respond to messages the moment I get home. If you see me editing tiny things at once that's because my laptop I bring around with me is complete GARBAGE and prone to crashing.

All my RP stories link in with my main protagonist Serana Dawnsinger in some way, though I am now also branching out with Bryant Garrett.

Oh also a warning about my personality: I'm pretty socially awkward due to my autism, I am literally the 'be patient with me I have autism' meme incarnate! That aside I do try my best and I love talking to people about almost everything <3

Quippy and Crystal Sphinx have permission to edit my pages!

Discord: Serana of the Dawn Variety#5737

Character Name

In-Game Name

Logo-alliance.png Serana Dawnsinger WoW-original-icon.png Velenara Yunapriest.png Priest
Logo-alliance.png Alea Dawnsinger WoW-original-icon.png Ärla Hunter crest.png Hunter
Logo-alliance.png Astari Farwing WoW-original-icon.png Ástari Druid Crest.png Druid
Logo-alliance.png Serana Dawnsinger WoW-original-icon.png SerÄna Warlock crest2.png Warlock
Logo-alliance.png Calie Summersong WoW-original-icon.png CÃlie Alorasimage.png Mage
Logo-alliance.png Bryant Garrett WoW-original-icon.png Dalren Yunapriest.png Priest
Logo-alliance.png Berwyn Lightstrider WoW-original-icon.png ßerwyn Paladin class logo by addorin-d3i47gl.png Paladin

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