Moon Guard Wiki

hello i am val and isira and i rp from time to time

probably all of my pages are out of date or in progress

Main Projects

These are mostly RP scenes and stories I do with friends or guilds

Ongoing Roleplay
where is it

Completed Roleplay
Purging of House Solflame
Mirstone Massacre
Sorrow Hill Incident
Starspear Slaughter
Harvest of Terror
Witherbark Return
Poisoning the Well

Stuff I'm Working On
it's everything atm

Mirstone Hunt
Old Bay Village

Alytheria Bloodmoon
-- Bloodmoon Dominion
Gerard Grimsbane
-- Grimsbane Coven
Children of the Brook

Gaytheil has permission to edit any of my pages

Favorite Pages

Kora Deathwhisper

Are you happy now Kora