Moon Guard Wiki

The Infobox military characer template is an infobox similar to the standard infobox, with the addition of a section for information regarding the character's military service. Its use and syntax works identically to the standard infobox template, but the following extra parameters are also added:

  • Allegiance - This denotes what nation the character is (was) in service to; e.g. Kingdom of Stromgarde or Kingdom of Ironforge.
  • Branch - This denotes what military branch the character is (was) in service to; e.g. Stormwind Army or Gilnean Navy.
  • Service - This denotes how long the character has served; e.g. "20–31 L.C." or "37 L.C.–Present".
  • Rank - This denotes the rank of the character; e.g. private or lieutenant.
  • Unit - This denotes the military unit of the character.
  • Battles - This denotes what battles, wars, or campaigns the character has served in.
  • Commands - This denotes any commands the character has held.
  • Awards - This denotes any major service awards the character has earned.