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Perrington Perrington 2 September 2020

Updates to the Wiki Rules

Hi everyone!

Since we have new additions to the moderation team on-hand here on the Moon Guard Wiki, we wanted to give people the opportunity to refresh on the Wiki's rules. You can find some of them on the Wiki Policy and Disclaimers page on this site, and there's a more in-depth policy list linked there. You can find the more in-depth rules to the Moon Guard Wiki here: Moon Guard Wiki Policies In-Depth

One piece we wanted to highlight for newer contributors to the Wiki was:

Due to concerns with the Artbreeder program and its editing nature, images from this website are not currently allowed on the wiki. This includes artwork that you have either made or purchased that has been edited through the program, as well as randomly generated artwor…

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Perrington Perrington 26 August 2020

New Moderation

We've recently added some new Moderation to the team for this website! Please welcome:

  • straita
  • bat of the moon
  • Lily

They'll be helping administration deal with rooting out some moderation issues You can get in contact with them through the Moon Guard Wiki discord, or through messages on their message boards!

Feel free to drop into the Wiki's discord for assistance: This link only works for the day.

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Perrington Perrington 6 July 2019

This is a test.

Yeah, that's all it is really. This is a test to see if I can get something for homepage news working through blogposts. If this works, you'll be able to see it on the homepage and this means we'll have news updates again!

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Perrington Perrington 3 November 2016

Lets Talk Links

This is going to be a little guide on linking through Wikia to avoid the dreaded blue arrow tag that pops up on links that originate from outside of this Wikia. And, a few helpful tips for linking in general.

To start of, if you want to link something in an Infobox, or in source more, it's really simple. Say I wanted to link to the Alterac page on this wiki. It's as simple as doing

Anyways, I hope this helps someone out there, and if not, so be it!

  • Varadu, for showing off the interwiki link article.
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Perrington Perrington 27 September 2016

I dunno

This is more like a tweet if anything but I've made so many edits and Wikia keeps saying I only have seven contributions this week. That's frustrating.

But, I may as well take the time to note some quality of life things for people making pages.

But that is pretty small, so I've been working on a small scale work for a new style of Navboxes. The from the bottom of the articles Grand Alliance and New Horde are offshoots of the WoWWiki style, and the ones on pages like Mynydd and The Citrine Eagle are a custom thing inspired by the standard Wikipedia navbox for cultures and relgions.

They're only meant to do what catagories cannot, which is make navigation between these pages faster and organized into individual sections within a particular art…

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