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Hi everyone!

Since we have new additions to the moderation team on-hand here on the Moon Guard Wiki, we wanted to give people the opportunity to refresh on the Wiki's rules. You can find some of them on the Wiki Policy and Disclaimers page on this site, and there's a more in-depth policy list linked there. You can find the more in-depth rules to the Moon Guard Wiki here: Moon Guard Wiki Policies In-Depth

One piece we wanted to highlight for newer contributors to the Wiki was:

17. Artbreeder

Due to concerns with the Artbreeder program and its editing nature, images from this website are not currently allowed on the wiki. This includes artwork that you have either made or purchased that has been edited through the program, as well as randomly generated artwork. Users who upload artwork from the art breeder program will be warned, if this is a repeated issue they will receive temporary bans that will eventually scale to a permanent ban akin to art theft or art editing.


Feel free to brush up on the Wiki's rules. Just know when moderators are enforcing something, it is based off of what is noted on the linked Google Document. We'll be getting these policies added to the Policy and Disclaimer page soon!

-The Admins