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Dark Ranger Vanalli


IconSmall UndeadElf Female.gif Undead High Elf


Forsaken Dark Ranger

Current Affiliations

Forsakeniconnew.png Forsaken
Orcsymbolnew.png Horde

Former Affiliations

Helficonnew.png Kingdom of Quel'thalas
Lordaeron Icon.png Kingdom of Lordaeron


Serena Dawnsworn† (Sister)
Alandra Dawnsworn (Sister)



Vanalli Dawnsworn is an Forsaken huntress, currently operating as a saboteur for the forces of Deathknell during the Siege of Tirisfal.


Among the Farstriders, Vanalli met her tragic end while defending the Thalassian Pass, enacting a valiant sacrifices to allow her close sister, Serena to escape. The surviving Dawnsworn made certain to recover her fallen sibling's remains, keeping them from the clutches of the Scourge. For a few, brief years following the Third War, Serena believed she had spared Vanalli an unfortunate fate.


Sylvanas was not too willing to let her faithful rangers sleep idly while she was left to endure her curse. Vanalli's cold, but peaceful repose was violently disturbed as the Ranger-General wrested her from the grasp of the grave.

The Forsaken

Vanalli left the remnants of her identity in the earth whence she emerged. The shattered memories that she clung to brought nothing more than weakness and feeble sentiment. Every fragment of the her former life cast a bitter reflection, as if mortal existence had been a woeful affliction all along. She pitied the living who unknowingly carried their sickness; the warmth of crimson blood, boiling like acid as it courses through their veins. Even Dawnsworn's own legacy lingered as another object of chagrin. The elf was much obliged in letting her past burn.

Sylvanas instilled a cruel obsession into Vanalli, the risen farstrider having little choice but accept her ill fate. From here, sordid purpose was given to the elven huntress as she answered the call of the Forsaken, joining her former sisters among the ranks of the Dark Rangers.


Vanalli is now little more than another arrow in the Dark Lady's quiver, bringing terror to all who would challenge the Forsaken's supremacy. She makes sport of any living straggler who boldly wanders her path within the Tirisfal Glades.