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AllianceNPC.png Vance Volkihar
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Vance in his human form.

Art by Orpheelin


Baron of Secrets






Kaldorei (Formely)


Ranger, Dark Ranger, Necromancer, Scout, Rogue, Hunter


Sire of the House of Volkihar
The First Vampire
Soldier of the Gilnean Military
Farstrider (Formely)


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance
GilneasBorderIcon.png Kingdom of Gilneas
Neutral 15.png Independent

Previous Affiliations

Lordaeron Icon.png Alliance of Lordaeron
Farstriders.jpg Farstriders
Icon of Blood.png Kingdom of Quel'thalas
Inv archaeology 70 highborne prewartapestry.gif Highborne Empire



Those who had failure planted in their hearts, those who passed through it and dealt with it, they're the ones who'll use that experience to finish their hesitations.

–Vance Volkihar

Vance Volkihar, also known as "Baron of Secrets", is a Dark Ranger and the first vampire of Azeroth. Vance is a war veteran, a former member of the Farstriders of Silvermoon, a Deathlord of the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the current sire of the House of Volkihar in service of the Alliance and the kingdom of Gilneas.


Armed with powerful intellects and strategic minds, Vance can outmaneuver obstacles that seem unbeatable to most. Vance believes that, through willpower and logic, he can achieve even the most challenging of goals. But he may be cynical about human nature more generally, assuming that most people are lazy, unimaginative, or simply doomed to mediocrity. Vance can be single-minded, with little patience for frivolity, distractions, or idle gossip. That said, it would be a mistake to stereotype these personalities as dull or humorless. Vance is known for his irreverent wit, and beneath his serious exteriors, he often has a sharp, delightfully sarcastic sense of humor.

Vance is full of contradictions. He is imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, and curious yet focused. From the outside, these contradictions may seem baffling, but they make perfect sense once you understand the inner workings of Vance’ mind. For him, life is like a giant game of chess. Relying on strategy rather than chance, he contemplates the strengths and weaknesses of each move before he makes it. Vance is a cunning individual, adept at manipulating opponents, he is a master of life draining and charming spells. He utilizes necromancy, blood magic, void magic and subtlety to fulfill his duties.

Vance is a maledictus with close ties to the Gilnean Kingdom, because of that, his favorite shapeshift form is a human/worgen. Although very powerful, he is not invincible. His strength depends on the form he takes, becoming susceptible to its weaknesses, abilities, illnesses, etc. Due to his natural predisposition towards the dark arts, Vance soon became a Dark Ranger.

Dark Rangers are undead archers raised by the Lich King and trained by Sylvannas Windrunner to act as the scout force of the Scourge. Dark Rangers are similar to their elven cousins but focus on shadowcraft more than nature. Dark rangers are silent and invisible stalkers of the shadows, felling unsuspecting opponents with a single arrow. Dark rangers still favor the bow as the ultimate weapon, however, they are also very skilled with daggers, scythes and swords. Their spells work with manipulating the essences of life and death, as well as various horrible curses and mind-enslaving abilities.


The Elf Ranger

Vance Volkihar was the firstborn of Theodor Volkihar, head of the Volkihar House, a Highborne clan that proudly served as Queen Azshara's personal espionage force, their signature weapon was the use of blood magic in their endeavours. They were a recluse house due to their ways of acting, dwelling in the shadows and hardly mentioned or seen, some people even thought they were just a legend. Before the Burning Legion arrived on Azeroth, they sent the Dreadlords to find a way to rally the planet. The Volkihar spies discovered this threat and got slaughtered by the Nathrezim, with only one survivor, Vance Volkihar, who contracted a curse known as Sanguinare Vampiris, a disease that causes the victim to develop a kind of vampirism.

Vance then became a formless creature that only ressembled his elven body, soaked with blood magic, vulnerability to sun and the need of blood draining to keep its form. In the absence of blood to drain, Volkihar vampires can drain different types of magic from various sources, although it's less effective than blood draining. He then returned to live with the kaldorei and swore he would get his revenge destroying the Nathrezim.

The Well of Eternity transformed into a portal for the Burning Legion.

After the Sundering, nearly eighty percent of Kalimdor's landmass had been blasted apart. Since Vance was not in Zin-Azshari, he was one of the few Highborne who survived the fall of Azshara and her followers. When the night elves adopted druidism, they outlawed the practice of magic. The use of its dangerous powers was punishable by death. This resulted in the Highborne sailing west from Kalimdor and arriving on the unknown lands of the Eastern Kingdoms, where in the far north they founded the kingdom of Quel’Thalas and named themselves the High Elves.The House of Volkihar and the House of Windrunner founded the Farstriders, led by Ranger-general Talanas Windrunner.

Ages later, the Scourge came forth. Its commander, Arthas Menethil, obliterated the nation of Lordaeron located in the southern borders of Quel’Thalas. Then, Arthas turned his sights on the elven land. Arthas and his army advanced on Silvermoon and crushed the defenders. The Sunwell was used to resurrect Kel'Thuzad and fouled with evil in the process. Only about ten percent of the entire race survived the genocide, Vance himself was one of the survivors. With Prince Kael'thas away and Silvermoon left in ruin, Vance decided to leave Quel'Thalas to find a new path for himself. He, then, travelled through the ruins of Lordaeron and eventually found the last human stronghold, the Kingdom of Gilneas.

The Dark Ranger

Pyrewood Village

While the Gilnean Kingdom was unaware of the death cults and the undeath plage outside of the Greymane Wall, Vance, in a human form, contacted Lord Darius Crowley and warned about the imminent threat and offered help. At the peak of their strength, the Scourge relentlessly assaulted the Greymane Wall and threatened to devour all Gilneas. Their number was small at first, but it increased over time and they did not flag. Fearing it would break, King Genn Greymane opened the gate and Gilnean soldiers poured from Gilneas into Silverpine Forest. Greymane also allowed his Archmage, Arugal, to use his secret weapon, the Worgen. Although the Scourge retreated due to the Worgen, they managed to defeat many soldiers, including Vance, and raise them into undeath. During this time, Vance learned through the San'Layn the Vampiric Drain spell, which he could cast or apply as a poison in weapons to turn other beings into vampires.

Around some point, the weakened Ner'zhul began to lose control of the minds of Vance and a number of undead. Some undead, including Vance, broke free from the Lich King's control and left the Scourge under the leadership of Sylvannas Windrunner. When Sylvanas regained her physical body, she realized that the natural world would never respond to her wishes again. Angered, she turned to the arts that were becoming more and more natural to her: Necromancy. She altered her elven ranger teachings into a new form and taught her followers. Thus, the dark rangers were born. Vance was naturally skilled in the techniques Sylvannas was presenting, so he had no problem mastering them.

After taking over the Undercity for the Forsaken, Vance was sent to Acherus, where he would keep pretending to serve the Lich King. During the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, the power of Light freed the death knights from the Lich King's grasp. The freed death knights took Acherus from the Scourge and formed the Knights of the Ebon Blade under the command of Highlord Mograine. The Ebon Blade sent many of its freed death knights back to their respective factions. Vance decided not to return to the Undercity because he could not stand having the dreadlord Varimathras as a leader. So, he returned to Gilneas.

The Gilnean Ranger

GIlneas City

Vance returned to Gilneas as a Dark Ranger and met with Darius Crowley, who said that King Genn Greymane refused to help the Alliance to fight the Lich King (because he was using all his forces to contain the secret Worgen threat).Crowley, then, sent a platoon of his own soldiers to aid the Alliance. Genn confronted Crowley, accusing him of committing treason against Gilneas, while Crowley started a rebellion against Greymane. The rebellion officially ended when Crowley and his leading allies, including Vance, were captured by Greymane's forces. Vance was kept in chains at the dungeons of the Stoneward Prison, where he began to train som rebels into the blood magic.

Immediately following the defeat of the rebellion, a period of relative peace ensued for Gilneas. Some time after, however, the worgen infiltrated the kingdom and began terrorizing the forests of Gilneas. Unable to withstand the invasion alone, Vance, Crowley and his Northgate Rebels were released from imprisonment on Greymane's orders. After many losses, the Gilneans were able to contain the worgen invasion just before the Forsaken invasion started. The Gilnean forces under the command of Liam Greymane and Darius Crowley started fighting their way through Gilneas City, culminating in Liam’s death.

At the dawn of the next day, the Forsaken used their Blight on Gilneas. What the Forsaken didn't know, however, was that the population was already being evacuated through a secret passage to Keel Harbor, where there were night elven boats departing to Darnassus. In the final moments of the evacuation, King Genn and the Crowley family paid their final respects to the deceased Liam Greymane and made a promise to him to liberate Gilneas one day.

The Alliance Ranger

Gilneas was left in ruins, both by the Forsaken invasion and by the Cataclysm ripping the very land apart. After the Gilneans settled in Darnassus, the Gilnean people rejoined the Alliance and King Genn Greymane journeyed to Stormwind — the political and military capital of the Alliance. With Genn's homeland turned into a war zone and his heir slain; Genn began making plans and coordinating with the Alliance to retake his homeland.

With a strong position in the Alliance, Vance was looking for someone in the Alliance with whom he could share his story and ensure freedom to recruit people willing to be turned into vampires and help him rise the House of Volkihar. Vance then contacted who he had fought alongside in the past, King Greymane, who understood him and considered Vance a hero of war, and gave him total freedom within the Alliance. After all that, The, now rebuilt House of Volkihar, considers Gilneas its home and the Gilneans its people, and he fights for them whenever necessary. The Volkihar vampires collaborate with both the Gilnean Army and SI:7 as scout masters, acting as dark stalkers and infiltrators, gathering secrets and information about the enemies, as well as retrieving artifacts or eliminating targets. These actions earned Vance the title of "Baron of Secrets".


After Sylvanas Windrunner destroyed the Helm of Domination, Bolvar Fordragon was no longer the Lich King. Taking direct leadership of the Knights of the Ebon Blade as their new Highlord, Bolvar and the death knights work with the forces of the Alliance and Horde against Sylvanas and the Jailer within the Shadowlands. Some Volkihar member ventured in the Shadowlands to hunt Sylvannas and put an end into her treachery.